Mommy Makeovers

Episode 37: Body Contouring in Massive Weight Loss Patient

Dr. Franco: Welcome back to Plastic Surgery Untold. I’m Dr. Johnny Franco, also known as @austinplasticsurgeon. And today’s episode is all about body contouring after massive weight loss. So we’re gonna jump into that with our special guest, Dr. Bharti in just a minute, who’s coming to us all the way from Charlotte, North Carolina. […]

Episode 4: New Year, New Me!

Special Guest: Megan Parken Instagram: Youtube: Johnny: Welcome back team to Episode 4 of “Plastic Surgery Untold, Beyond Botox and Butts.” Today our topic is “New Year New Me.” We’re talking all about mommy makeovers. I’m excited to have our cohort again, certified registered nurse anesthetist, Travis Osborne, also known worldwide as celebrity […]


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