Episode 4: New Year, New Me!

Special Guest: Megan Parken

Johnny: Welcome back team to Episode 4 of “Plastic Surgery Untold, Beyond Botox and Butts.” Today our topic is “New Year New Me.” We’re talking all about mommy makeovers. I’m excited to have our cohort again, certified registered nurse anesthetist, Travis Osborne, also known worldwide as celebrity anesthesia. And then Megan Parken who needs no introduction, social media influencer and YouTube vlogger, blogger and all of the above. And then by popular demand over and over again, we’ve got Gilberto Saenz, physician assistant, and celebrity injector.

Gilberto: Thank you, guys. Appreciate y’all having me back again.

Johnny: Well, I’m excited to start off the new year and be working hard and since we’re in January, I kind of wanted to talk about, we usually give people a little update what’s going on in our lives, if you guys don’t mind, we’ll mix it up a little bit today and do new year’s resolutions.

Travis: All right new year’s resolutions.

Johnny: You want to kick us off?

Travis: Yeah, might as well.

Johnny: Go. Let’s do it.

Travis: So we have three at our house that we’ll try to do.

Johnny: When you’re married, is it a group resolution?

Travis: It’s not.

Johnny: Because you said we have three at our house, I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on here.

Travis: Mostly because it’s a tiny…

Johnny: It’s two single guys here, we don’t really say we.

Travis: Mostly is the timing and schedule thing kind of, so want to try to work out more than four times a week or at least four times a week or we want to do at least four meals a week at the house and then also want to try to meditate at least five times a week. I’ve gotten a little bit into meditation, not trying to get too woo-woo spiritual on you guys but I’m at school and I want to practice more gratitude and meditation is kind of the key to that for me.

Johnny: So like meditating at home or like hot yoga or would goat yoga, have you ever done goat yoga?

Travis: I haven’t, Mary has, she actually has a pretty funny story about goat yoga I’ll have to ask her sometime. But no this is more just at home sometimes sit in the hot tub, do a little 10-minute guided meditation, nice little way to start the morning or cap off the night.

Johnny: I mean, I’ll take some hot tub meditation.

Gilberto: Hot tub meditation?

Johnny: Yeah.

Travis: Go, man. boom.

Johnny: Megan?

Megan: I’ve got kind of a boring one but I think I want to try to read at least one book a month and try to carry that through the whole next year.

Travis: I thought you were gonna say a year and I was like that is [inaudible 00:02:17].

Megan: I read one book this year.

Johnny: If you stay up till 5:00 AM every day you can crank out some books. Do a couple of questions. One, does audiobooks count?

Megan: No.

Johnny: Two, what’s number one book on that list?

Megan: I’m not sure, I see, I’ve got to figure that out.

Johnny: I guess if any of the listeners want to want to hit us up on the DM and give Megan some advice.

Megan: I think it also might help me go to sleep, like don’t you think reading makes you tired? I mean, before bed, if you read a book?

Johnny: I mean, not if it’s a good book, then you’re like, I can’t put this page-turner own. Well, if you got any @MeganParken send her some book advice. Gilberto?

Gilberto: I’ve got a couple.

Johnny: I liked the way you said I instead of we but continue.

Gilberto: Like most everyone else maybe you get a little bit more active and try to get back into, you know, racing shape. I used to do a lot of long-distance racing, maybe do some more community service, you know, volunteer a little bit more but most importantly probably spend some more time with my family. My brother lives in Austin and I don’t get to see him as often as I’d like. He has a couple of kids and I’d love to see them a little more often, so just spend more time with family in general.

Travis: Very cool.

Johnny: Gilberto, you are a good quality man. I personally don’t understand how you’re single because you are a quality, quality man.

Megan: Maybe he’s single by choice.

Johnny: You think so?

Megan: Yeah.

Gilberto: I mean, I can neither confirm nor deny that.

Travis: What about you?

Johnny: Those are some quality ones. Mine are a little bit more selfish than Gilberto I’m not gonna lie. Goal number one for me is actually to get myself in a little bit more of a fitness type shapes things, weight issue is definitely something that I’ve personally struggled with probably the majority of my life. So my goal by the time we hit Episode 25 is to be down 20 pounds. So I will weigh myself today, we will check in at Episode 25. We’ll put that on producer Donald to check us in at Episode 25 and see where we’re at. So I think those are some quality ones.

Travis: I do too. I think the biggest things for me for a new year’s resolutions is it’s gotta be attainable and it’s gotta be something that you can measure, there’s gotta be some way that you’re holding yourself accountable. For me, it does help when we talk about these things to rope Mary in. I know it’s boring, the married couple on the show but it really does help to hold me accountable and just say, “Hey, we haven’t eaten at the house five days this week, let’s cook at home this weekend.” All right, cool.

Johnny: Well, that’s why I think it’s like setting specific times like this, “Hey, by this time, we’re gonna check, by this time we’re gonna go do that.” And is it true this year that we’re gonna do a little fashion off between your trendy therapist and @MeganParken because this would be honestly phenomenal? And so just not to give our fans a little bit of a teaser but we talked a little bit about this possibility.

Megan: We have some good ideas coming up.

Travis: We did, we did, maybe who dress us the best or who can style an office the best?

Johnny: I’m just saying if your trendy therapist loses somebody may need to take in celebrity husband for a week or two so. On that note, before he gets kicked out of the house, let’s get started. Today, mommy makeover. I think it’s such a fitting topic to kicking off the year because there’s a lot of reasons why people want to do a makeover and we call her mommy makeover but we’re gonna kind of talk about everything in encompassing of what people do in terms of transformation a lot of reasons why people need or want one.
We had talked on about it in previous episodes about, I think number one is why are you doing this? And before we even get into any of this, and I know we’ve talked a lot about this and making sure the reasons are really you and it can be all sorts of stuff. And honestly, for our practice, we see a lot of people who have taken care of their kids for the last 15, 20 years and now it’s time to do something for mom. Mom just wants to do something to restore the body they once had or the flip side is after a lot of weight loss, people have worked really hard to accomplish all these tasks whether it’s eating right, working out, typically a combination and they’re like, “Hey, now I’ve done this and I just got some loose skin I want to get back into to a good spot.

Megan: So what actually is a mommy makeover?

Johnny: I think that’s a phenomenal question and we get that on the DM all the time. And so mommy makeover is usually a combination of procedures that includes something breasts, something tummy and then plus or minus some liposuction. So it can be a tummy tuck, it can be a breast aug, can be a breast lift. And this goes to some of the stuff we’ve talked about with Gilberto in the past of finding a provider that’s gonna help you and what actually is gonna help achieve those goals.

Megan: And is that all performed in one surgery or do you have to do it in sessions? How does that work?

Johnny: Great question again. And some of this goes to what we do at the surgery center with someone like Travis because we do try to limit the amount of time that somebody is in surgery. I think when surgery is getting long, there’s no question, there’s good statistics out there that your risk of complications goes up.

Travis: Absolutely, anything that’s approaching the six, seven-hour mark, me and you always talk about or you and whoever’s doing your anesthesia that day, normally it’s me but yeah and that’s definitely something to visit.

Johnny: A lot of times it’s a couple of things, it’s one, how much time off do people have and will get to recovery dictates a lot of this, you know, two, just kind of what people are willing to go under. A lot of times people do want a group a lot of things together just because of time being off work and immediate ability again. But safety is always the number one thing and so that really limits some of what we can do because you know, that has to be the priority for any type of aesthetic procedure.

Megan: Of course.
Travis. Absolutely.

Johnny: Why don’t we just kinda work our way down? And I know we’ve talked about breast implants and breast lift and stuff before, but as part of a mommy makeover, one of the things I hear most commonly is people just want to restore what they’ve once had and whether it is from weight loss, from pregnancy, it’s trying to restore that and get that into that shape. I think people just want that fullness back and that’s where our gummy bear implants come in. And for those of you that are following us on YouTube or Instagram live, you know the gummy bear implants have become so popular because they can give people the fullness but still have the softness.

Travis: You don’t look quite as augmented or quite as fake as you would have in the past with big full overfilled saline implants.

Johnny: Yeah because people are afraid of that coconut look, you know, and are afraid to look overly round. And I always tell people that, you know, you want to get into a happy spot where you can dress them up, dress them down, you know. It’s a spot where people are gonna be looking at if they’re out on date night, you know, whether it’s Tinder or it’s complicated, you know, they’re gonna be able to look good. I mean, would you say that that is something that people look for? I know you do a lot of stuff on YouTube, comments that you’ve had from people about breast augs, other things like that in terms of goals?

Megan: I mean, what do you mean as far as like wanting to look natural or just?

Johnny: Whether people like the natural fullness, what have you…do you hear?

Megan: I think it just yeah I think it really just depends on your own personal style and what you kind of want to present yourself as I mean. I think like you said, there’s no right or wrong way, it really just depends on the look that you want but you can obviously guide people towards maybe an avenue that’s better.

Johnny: And I think that’s a great point, is trying to be more of a guide than, “Hey, this is what I like.” And I think people don’t realize, you know, and this is part of this show of why letting you guys know that we’re real people too, is that I think people don’t realize, you know, surgeons, anesthesia providers, you know, PAs, everybody, social media, you know, moguls are all real people. And so, you know, we have biases too and try not to let our biases affect other people because obviously if you’re the patient, you’re the one that’s gonna be walking around with this look. And so I think super important. You know, so even with, as part of a mommy makeover, we still do all the sizing where people come in, you try on some implants, get a good idea. During that consultation, we talk about whether you need a lift or not and all that goes back to effecting the time of surgery.

Travis: So and when you said lift or not and aug or not, what’s the difference between the two or why would someone need a breast augmentation with just implants or why would someone need implants plus a lift or maybe just a lift?

Johnny: I think that’s a great question. You know, typically people need a lift if they just have an excess amount of skin, so like anything, if it gets stretched out and then deflates sometimes just filling that breast isn’t enough. I also tell people, be careful of falling into the trap where you get an implant that’s too big, that you’re not happy with it because you’re just trying to avoid a lift.
What typically ends up happening is you feel too big and now you’ve paid for surgery and still end up getting a lift down the road. So, you know, kind of good rule of thumb is where your nipples are, so if your nipples point towards your toes, probably need a lift, if the nipples are pointing straight forward then typically don’t. Obviously that’s an overly gross generalization but it gives you a little bit of an idea.
You know, in part of those different surgeries depending on how much time the surgery is gonna be and recovery because I think recovery is a big part for people, you know and everything that we do, you know, people also want to know how much downtime and work everything else.

Gilberto: Absolutely. I mean, we’re in different fields obviously and what I do is a little bit more minimally invasive compared to what you’re doing but I get the question all the time, like, how much downtime do I have, you know, you’ll have to expect and, you know, can I go back to work? What can I expect? You know, things like that.

Johnny: But in terms of mommy makeovers, I would have to think and we do a lot of body procedures but you do do a lot of botox you have to get some mommy makeovers of people just trying to freshen up their look, is that true?

Gilberto: Without a doubt, without a doubt absolutely.

Johnny: What are some of the things that people come in asking you for after weight loss or after, you know, losing weight after pregnancy and so forth that you see?

Gilberto: A lot of that is just revolumization of the face really, you know, extreme or excessive weight loss can sometimes create a kind of like a gaunt look in the mid-face and the cheeks or in the temples. And so sometimes it’s just creating a little bit more volume in those areas to round the face out a little bit so it looks a little more natural, not quite so not so gaunt like I was saying.

Johnny: And that’s what I think is super cool about, you know, aesthetics and so forth is you can do the full extreme mommy makeover where we got tummy tuck, breast lift augmentation but you can also, you know, just do a little bit of touch-ups.

Gilberto: Absolutely. I mean gravity plays a role on all our bodies and in the face anyway over time we just start to lose a little bit of that support and fullness. And so using the right type of filler in the right places you can actually create a little bit of a lift and, and you know, create more support for the face.

Johnny: I think one thing that the, you know, we try not to lose sight of and I always ask people is what’s most important to you? Because in the end, it’s trying to build what’s gonna build their self-confidence. And I mean, I don’t know if you have any other thoughts about good ways to reach that, but it’s to me, if you guys don’t mind me digressing telling a little story, it’s so funny because you never know what’s gonna bother people the most.
I had a patient when I was in Miami and I walked into the room and she had been in a horrible accident and had this deformity of her nose and I was like, “What bothers you or what can I help you with?” And she’s like, “I want to lift my breast.” I was like, “Oh, okay.” You know, you just never know what bothers people and what’s gonna help their confidence because I think that’s what’s super important.

Megan: For sure. And I think that can be also like a touchy subject for people having to come in and like be really open and honest about what is they want to work on or what they want to change. But I think as long as they feel comfortable and they feel like validated in what they, you know, are looking for, I think it’s good route.

Johnny: Kind of moving down, so we can kind of touch on everything in terms of mommy makeovers is the tummy and I think that’s always a hard one. I think people want to avoid the tummy tuck, most people would rather do lipo and just remove a little fat and use some tiny little incisions. But again, go to the issue just like the breast lift, if you’ve got too much skin then we’ve got to get rid of that.

Travis: And then the other underlying part of a tummy tuck, I think you can talk about, you know, much better than I can, but there’s another portion of a tummy tuck that’s below the surface that helps quite a bit too especially after pregnancy.

Megan: And why would you say people want to avoid that? It’s just…

Johnny: I think a one, it leads to more downtime and so the recovery. When we’re talking about tummy tuck I typically tell people they need to give themselves at least three weeks, doing too much, it’s gonna lead to problems. With liposuction, you know, the incisions are really, really small. For the tummy tuck depending on how much skin you typically have an incision that that’s longer than a C-section scar for sure. The other parts of that is just how much recovery I think they’re gonna have is really hard for people. Three weeks for a lot of people is a decent of time and the scar, I think those are the two big things that sometimes worry people. But to your point, you know, a lot of times the muscle gets stretched out that can’t be fixed with liposuction and so we people get what’s called diastasis rectus and as you know, it’s really hard to fix without surgery.

Gilberto: Absolutely. I mean, would you know, not to go off subject too much, but do you feel that new minimally invasive, non-invasive procedures like EMSculpt can help with the diastasis recti?

Johnny: I do think. EMSculpt is one of these kinds of incredible things that has just started to take off, it’s a whole new paradigm of building muscle, strengthening muscles and so forth like that. And so, because I think you’ve actually had your belly done, do you feel like it helped your diastasis a little bit?

Gilberto: A little bit. I feel a little bit more, more tight in the core area certainly, you know.

Johnny: Because you’re preparing for Speedo season if I’m not mistaken.

Gilberto: 100%.

Johnny: Not to jump too far ahead but I just can’t help myself. There’s a little section we call fact or fiction and I’m just gonna ask you one little nugget. Fact or fiction. You’re infamous for wearing a white like velvety soft shirt to our last pool party?

Gilberto: It’s more terry cloth than velvety but that’s fact.

Johnny: The terry cloth. Because people said your belly looked washboard in that. I’m not gonna say that was from EMSculpt but I’m not gonna say it wasn’t.

Gilberto: Maybe I need to get in for a few more sessions.

Johnny: Reeling it back in a little bit, but I think you know all of us and whether it’s men or women, we all get it a little self-conscious and especially in a city like Austin, Texas where we’re so fortunate here that it’s nice nine months out of the year.

Megan: So is there a daddy makeover?

Johnny: There should be. I definitely think there’s daddy makeover. I’ve been accused of having a dad bod and I don’t know from your own personal, is that a compliment or not? Are women into dad bods?

Megan: I think it depends, honestly.

Gilberto: I heard it was a thing now.

Megan: Yeah. I think, I mean…

Johnny: Would you, if somebody, I know you’re in a complicated relationship right now, but if you were scrolling through Tinder on your free time and someone said, I have a dad bod, would that be?

Megan: I think if that was in their bio I’d be like, why are you telling me that?

Johnny: Because it’s this whole age of transparency and honesty and being upfront, it’s like boom, I’m owning a dad bod, here I come. You’re speechless. Okay.

Gilberto: I think that says it all.

Johnny: I think Megan’s gonna take a no comment to keep herself out of trouble here. Again for the second time to reel it back in. You know in terms of mommy makeover stuff, this is where I think it’s super important in terms of, you know, coming up with a whole type of thing that’s gonna reach your goals, it’s gonna transform you.
And then that recovery time really, you know, varies from person to person because somebody may need a mommy makeover and they get a breast aug to just refill the breast that had been deflated and maybe some liposuction to help shape them, they could be out five, six days and be back to work where if you get a breast lift, aug, tummy tuck, lipo, you may be three or four weeks depending on everybody.
There’s definitely some things that have made recovery a lot better, it’s not like the old days, you can’t be in bed for a week, you gotta get up. We get people walking the night of, we actually sent all our tummy tucks home with compression devices to get the blood circulating. We do something, and hopefully, Travis can jump on this, but we use a drug called Exparel that actually we inject into the muscles to help with it. And so besides the Exparel and other things, there’s some few things from an anesthesia standpoint that have really made recovery better.

Travis: And I’ve talked about this in a couple of our previous episodes but loading patients with Gabapentin and other drugs that are non-narcotics, to try to offset those pain receptors before we even get started with the surgery. Other thing that we do and, and you try to do is depositing local anesthetic to bait those nerve roots and those nerves at the skin level before we’re even making incisions. So the goal is that you’re not feeling anything even though you’re completely asleep, we do all of these cases under general anesthesia which means you’re completely asleep with the breathing tube. But even that being said, we still don’t want you to have any pain while we’re doing these cases. So anything we can do to ablate that pain response the better.

Johnny: Can you explain to people a little bit about Exparel because I’ve talked about it and I probably haven’t explained it well enough?

Travis: So Exparel we have these regular local anesthetics. Exparel came out and what they did is they made these, this liposomal bupivacaine. So bupivacaine is a local anesthetic that based nerve roots and makes them numb per se. And what this liposomal bupivacaine does is it slowly degrades the liposome that engulfs the molecule. So over time, you get more and more that’s starting to come out and seep into those nerve roots that allows them to be bathed in local anesthetic, so it’s a long, slow-acting pain medication. We typically aim for 48 to 72 hours of pain relief, which is a huge change from the, you know, 4 to 8 hours of pain relief that you were getting from regular bupivacaine.

Johnny: If anyone would like to pause the podcast and Google some of those terms, we’re not gonna judge you, we’re not gonna judge you at all. But the long run of this is that it really helps people get up and moving because we worry about blood clots, those type of things. And I think people don’t realize how much stuff goes into a good recovery for people.

Travis: And I think the most important thing is having a good team and support system at home and thinking about these things preoperatively and weeks before too, “How am I gonna get up and out of bed? How am I gonna get out of my house and up the three steps that I need to get up to my front door?”Just things like that that you don’t think about until you’re actually in there. How am I gonna lay in the back of the truck or the back of the suburban or whatever as I’m getting home in this position? So a lot of things to think about.

Johnny: I think that that’s we see it in our practice, if people have good support or someone to help them, they’re gonna do well. People who don’t have support tend to do too much and have problems, and I think we see that across every field no matter what. I mean, even from skin cancer excisions, and other things, you need some help to keep moving.

Gilberto: Oh yeah. Absolutely, absolutely. I couldn’t agree more.

Johnny: Megan, something in your experience. I mean, you know, I think sometimes it’s hard because going into things, people don’t realize how much help they need going into stuff. And it’s easy to think I’m superwoman, I do everything, I don’t need help.

Megan: So would you even say that maybe bringing your husband or someone else that’s gonna be around like around to help you? It’d be okay to the consultations, they can kind of hear what’s going to go on, what to expect?

Johnny: I think if you can bring somebody with you, it’s even better because it’s a lot of information and when you’re on the point it’s easy to forget stuff. Also, people may or may not realize this, there are a couple margaritas is under the wind after surgery. So, you know, there’s only so much after, you know, a surgery that I can tell them in the recovery room, you know, about what to do and post-op instructions, it’s nice for them to be there and ask questions. Also, I think, you know, we forget about emotionally people need some, some support. Most patients go into a little bit of like a post-surgery depression and I think it’s just from being taken out of your routine. I mean if you sprain your ankle, it’s tough to not like be able to do stuff, so you could imagine from a big surgery.

Travis: Especially you think about a lot of these patients are moms, they’re used to being superwomen, you know, I mean they’re taking care of a couple of kids. They’re taking everybody to basketball and football practice and doing juggling 10 different things. So when they’re taken out of that rotation, they’re forced to actually just chill for a couple weeks, that’s a big difference in their life.

Megan: And would you say the mommy makeovers are one of the most transformative things that someone can undergo? Because I feel like emotionally that could also be a lot to deal with and mentally you kind of?

Johnny: No question it is and sometimes there’s even because mom’s spending your entire life taking care of someone else and I think it’s just so hard for them to wrap around the thought that they’re doing something for themselves. And it’s almost this guilt of like being selfish instead of realizing like, “Hey, I’ve given my body literally for other people for the last 20 years and it’s okay for me to take three weeks for myself.” You know, it’s, I always tell people, moms and farmers like that they heal because life keeps going on, they will take care of their kids, they will take care of everything and so I think the hardest thing is just getting them to relax for a little bit.

Travis: Absolutely.

Gilberto: But it’s gotta be a huge confidence booster for them, right? Going through such an invasive procedure and then, you know, the outcome, you know, months later.

Travis: And what’s cool about that procedure in specific is on the table from my standpoint, it is one of the most transformative in, within, you know, a six-hour span that you can possibly go through. It’s pretty remarkable what he’s able to do and, you know, what we’re able to do in a relatively short period of time.

Johnny: To kind of some of this stuff, and I know we kind of grazed over a lot of stuff, but mommy makeover is a massive topic. We’re definitely gonna do some more podcasts on tummy tuck specific, liposuction specific and some other transformation procedure stuff. But I think a couple of big things is one, it typically includes a breast and tummy procedure with or without some lipo and this is where having a quality provider can help guide you to what procedures, right?
I think somebody touched on it, having a good support system because you need physical and emotional help after this, making sure you take enough time off work that you’re gonna heal really, really well and get that good recovery. I think making sure people sometimes think about the surgeon provider but also knowing who’s doing your anesthesia.

Travis: Absolutely. It should always be either a board-certified anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist in my mind doing your anesthesia.

Johnny: And not to shamelessly plug us but we actually have an episode coming up soon about anesthesia and we’ll talk about some of those different options.

Travis: Absolutely, and some of the things that we’re doing and what we’ve changed along the way to kind of make things a little bit better.

Johnny: Are there anything else to add for your fans out there about mommy makeovers before we move on to my favorite topic?

Megan: I mean I just think it’s interesting that you said it doesn’t necessarily have to be someone that’s gone through pregnancy, there are other options as well.

Johnny: There’s a lot of really young people or even some older people who’ve either had a gastric bypass, who’ve had some type of a weight-loss surgical procedure. And also there’s just some people who like made some lifestyle changes and lost a lot of weight. And, I think people think that it has to be someone that’s lost a hundred pounds, 15, 20 pounds can make a big difference especially if someone isn’t super tall, isn’t really big, it can make a big difference.

Travis: Absolutely. And just one thing I wanted to add. I know we’ve spoken about this offset several times but mommy makeover is not or a combination of breast lift and some kind of tummy procedure and lipo is not a weight loss procedure. And this is what’s happened, you know, after years of putting in the work and you’ve had some body changes, we’re hoping to bring that body back into shape. This is not something where we’re doing gastric bypass where it’s a weight loss procedure.

Johnny: Most people right after the surgery are actually heavier, I mean a lot of that comes from fluid and so forth like that. But tummy tuck maybe removes three, four pounds, that’s max. And so I think that’s an incredible point. Well, I think that’s been an incredible talk. I appreciate you guys about mommy makeover. So now we’re gonna go to my favorite section of the show, a little thing we like to call fact or fiction.

Travis: But whoa, whoa, whoa. Dr. Johnny, we are taking it from you, we are hijacking fact or fiction.

Johnny: You’re gonna take my favorite section?

Travis: We’re taking it from you, now you’re in the hot seat.

Johnny: Let’s do, let’s do it.

Travis: I’ve got one ready for you right here. Fact or fiction, you played college football?

Johnny: That is a fact. Maybe we’ll have to go a little retro, post a little history of I was actually a quarterback, four touchdowns one game, no, I’m kidding, that’s false.

Travis: That is fiction.

Gilberto: Awfully familiar. Awfully family to Al Bundy.

Johnny: That was an Al Bundy one folks.

Travis: Uncle Rico actually.

Johnny: I played in Wisconsin, played a little snow games. Thank you for recognizing my athletic ability.

Travis: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Megan: So fact or fiction, you spent more than $500 in your little shopping trip to prepare for the podcast?

Johnny: I’ll be honest, I didn’t end up buying anything. I had a suit that I loved, it just didn’t quite button in the right spot, so it’s a little bit of a sensitive subject but I appreciate you bringing it up, Megan. Thank you. Thank you.

Megan: So that was fiction?

Travis: That was fiction.

Johnny: She’s like keep it simple, it’s fact or fiction. We don’t want to hear your sob stories.

Travis: Gilberto, you got anything for him?

Gilberto: Fact or fiction, should I give him a softball or?

Travis: No.

Megan: No.

Johnny: Like toss that little baby up like a little sweet, little implant.

Gilberto: I feel like you put me on the spot a couple of times, so I’m gonna put you on the spot today.

Johnny: Definitely.

Gilberto: Fact or fiction, you one time found someone taking a bath in your tub in the middle of the night.

Johnny: I’m gonna say that that’s a fact. That’s a fact. I was like, what are you doing? They’re like, “Just chilling, just chilling. You’re killing me. Well, I’m glad that we could bring a little joy to everybody’s house. My favorite fact or fiction, I’m not gonna lie. I like it better when I’m asking the questions. Now we’re gonna go to another crowd favorite, something called behind the bovie and this just gives people a little bit of an insight into what’s going on. I think in a set of plastic surgery that people don’t get to see.

Gilberto: All right. I like that. This week, should we tease a little bit of anesthesia since we’re doing that in a future episode?

Johnny: Why, please. Okay. Travis has been waiting for this.

Travis: Oh my God, I have been waiting for this. So one thing that people do not necessarily know, there are several different types of anesthesia for a mommy makeover we do general anesthesia for anything where we’re doing a tummy tuck is we actually need muscle relaxation. So that means you go all the way to sleep and we give a combo drugs that within about 10 seconds takes you from completely awake and conscious to completely anesthetized and completely lose consciousness and our airway reflexes.

Johnny: Can I tell you? I think one thing that from a ton of people in our office that people don’t realize to that point is that there’s a separate provider i.e someone like you who is just with the patient the entire time. And I think people, obviously, you know, being a quarterback, I’d be like being the plastic surgeon as much like a quarter back, you get all, all the fame, all the glory stuff, but don’t realize that we couldn’t do our job without the assistance of someone such as yourself who is solely there to make them comfortable and make sure everything goes smooth so that I can focus on the other part.

Travis: I like to think of myself as the tiny offensive lineman just blocking, in the trenches the whole time.

Johnny: I mean there’s a reason offensive tackles go early in the draft. There is a reason.

Travis: No we are there, sometimes it is behind the scenes. I mean, you meet me for five minutes, I talk to you about anesthesia, we do a quick health history and then we take you back and I get you off to sleep. And once you’re asleep, I’m watching you for the next four or five, three, whatever hours it takes to actually do the procedure. I’m there the entire time, I don’t leave your on monitors the entire time. And then when it’s time to wake up, it’s kinda like landing the plane, I’m there to wake you up and get the breathing tube out and take you to the recovery room, make sure that you’re nice and safe before I turn your care over to one of the PACU nurses or recovery nurses that’s gonna hang out with you for the next hour or two.

Johnny: On that note, Megan, if Travis is the offensive lineman of the podcast, if I’m the quarterback, would you say that Gilberto is the placekicker or the punter?

Megan: I would say he’s the punter.

Travis: What is Megan?

Johnny: Well, Gilberto, in return, what would you say Megan is? Be careful you said the offensive lineman may not make it out…

[crosstalk 00:30:40.701]

Megan: I honestly don’t really actually know what I just said.

Travis: Cats out of bag, I think no one knows about football.

Gilberto: I think placekicker would been better.

Megan: The other one sounded more official honestly.

Gilberto: At least you would score points.

Johnny: I mean would you put Megan like maybe like a show-stopping corner? I feel like she’d be a corner because, you know, very specialized, very skilled, but likes to do her thing.

Travis: I could see that for sure, definitely.

Megan: The references are going on top of my head but…

Travis: We’ll bring it back to something more pop culture.

Johnny: Well, I appreciate everybody. I think this has been a phenomenal episode on mommy makeovers. I promise, guys, we’ll dive deeper into each one of the procedures in the future, so that’ll make stuff a little bit easier but it’s nice to have at least a big general overview before we get started. I’d like to give a plug as we’ve already kind of alluded to a little bit, anesthesia is gonna be our next episode and so we’ll hear more from Travis, a certified registered nurse anesthetist. I know that a lot of people have been hitting us up on the DM and saying that Travis doesn’t get enough air time, so your wish is coming true, he is coming to all of you, I promise. I think most of those came from your trendy therapist, I don’t know if you know her. I’d also like to thank everybody for joining us for listening, and of course, a special shout out to our producer, tall gamer Donald. Thank you, sir.

Gilberto: Thank you, Donald.

Travis: Awesome.

Johnny: Boom.

Gilberto: Boom.

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