Men need love to!

Dr. Franco: All right, guys. Welcome back to “Plastic Surgery Untold.” I’m Dr. Johnny Franco also known as Austin Plastic Surgeon or aka the BBL King for those of you that better know me that way. I have our celebrity cast here. We got Gilberto, Austin’s most beautiful man, which is hard to appreciate on a radio show, but that’s cool. We got Celebrity Anesthesia who for those of you that have listened in the past we still haven’t had our celebrity husband showdown, but it is coming.

Travis: It is coming. It is coming and I’m getting ready. Every day I’m training hard at the house.

Dr. Franco: And then as this is a special Father’s Day edition, we felt like we should have a father. So, we brought back by, I would not say popular demand because we didn’t actually get a single request for it, but we did bring Producer Donald on to the show for the first time, so the man behind the camera but, bum, bum, bum.

Gilberto: Tall gamer.

Donald: Tall Gamer aka Big Daddy.

Travis: Big Daddy.

Dr. Franco: Just read for you that are listening, nobody calls him Big Daddy. No, they don’t. No, they don’t. Well, let’s get caught up a little bit. Tall Gamer, talk to us a little bit. What’s been going on in your life? Catch up the world about who you are, what you do, and how you weaseled your way onto this show.

Donald: Yes. So, it’s a lot of pestering is the way I got onto this show. But no. So, like, as my nickname Tall Gamer suggests, I’m very into video games. Outside of helping with podcasts, I am a business developer and producer at a local Austin game studio. And most recently with everybody being at home and locked down, they’re only playing video games, so, like, my work is skyrocketing. I’m actually just…

Dr. Franco: Well, I’m glad you could make time for us since you are a big baller, not just Tall Gamer but big baller.

Donald: Hey, I’m trying. So, yeah. So, other than, like, paddling around with you guys, making an awesome podcast, the world’s best plastic surgery podcast, yeah, I…

Dr. Franco: As voted by us.

Donald: As voted by us, I make video games during the day.

Dr. Franco: Awesome. And then you are the proud father of…

Donald: Two. I have Isabel, my daughter, who is 17 and thinks she pretty much knows everything. And then my son who is 12 who he thinks he’s just smarter than me. So, I lose either way.

Dr. Franco: Well, sounds good. Gilberto, what’s new in your world? Anything new and exciting on the homefront in life? Any more underwear modeling gigs that you’ve gotten lately?

Gilberto: No, no. No more underwear modeling gigs, not at the moment, anyway. But I’m…

Dr. Franco: Called out.

Gilberto: …maybe planning on taking a little trip somewhere depending on how things are with…

Dr. Franco: Where are you going? What are you doing?

Gilberto: I don’t know. The plan is kind of up in the air. I’m open for suggestions.

Dr. Franco: Is this a family trip or a solo trip?

Gilberto: So, it would be my girlfriend and I. I don’t know exactly [crosstalk 00:03:16]. I don’t know.

Dr. Franco: Okay. Okay.

Gilberto: It’s just a little trip. It’s been a while since I’ve taken any time off from work. I think the last time I was off and took a trip was when we went to your brother’s wedding.

Dr. Franco: Okay. I mean, that was a long time ago, but…

Gilberto: That was [inaudible 00:03:32]. He’s had a baby since then. So, yeah, it’s been a while.

Dr. Franco: Living the rock star lifestyle ain’t cheap. It ain’t cheap. There are so many things I wanna say but we’ll move on to Celebrity. Celebrity, what’s going on?

Travis: Gilberto, that definitely had some a little bit of Napoleon Dynamite feel of you could say things are getting pretty serious. What have we been up to? Not much. My wife, as you guys that listen regularly @yourtrendytherapist, she is… Her knee is getting better, so we’ve been out doing a little bit more out and about, but social distancing still. Things are kind of still on the rise here in Austin. Haven’t really settled down yet with COVID. So, we’ve been kind of taking our time and keeping our space, but other than that just kind of doing some stuff around the house and still training for that half marathon that isn’t scheduled yet. So, yeah.

Dr. Franco: Well, that’s awesome, man. And then just for people who don’t know before we went live here, Producer Donald did make Celebrity Anesthesia put a shirt on because there is a word rope requirement. Well, let’s get into it a little bit here. We got a little special edition. I will let all of our viewers and fans know just so that we don’t get any bad stars, this is Gilberto’s first production of the show as Producer Donald is on the show. Gilberto took the behind the scenes action. Entire script for today was done by Austin’s most beautiful man, Gilberto. So, any complaints, dislikes can be sent directly to him via DM. What’s your DM? What’s the best way for them to hit you up with complaints?

Gilberto: It’s Awesome Plastic Surgeon.

Donald: You’re right.

Dr. Franco: Yeah. You peaked early in the show. You peaked early in the show. Well, yeah, that was strong Gilberto. Well, take us away. Let’s talk about… We’re talking about little cosmetic male treatment. So, the name of the episode is Brotox because men need a little TLC, a little love too. So, gig us off. Talk us about male rejuvenation here, dude.

Gilberto: Yeah. So, I thought that maybe it would be appropriate to, you know, talk about this topic as which Father’s Day is right around the corner and we have a father as part of our cast today, so I thought…

Travis: Are you referring to Big… Oh, I’m sorry, self-proclaimed Big Daddy Donald.

Gilberto: Big Daddy Tall Gamer Donald.

Donald: Big Daddy.

Gilberto: Yeah.

Dr. Franco: I’ve never heard that nickname before, but…

Donald: It’s sticking. It’s sticking.

Travis: It’s sticking. Anyway, sorry.

Gilberto: No, no. So, yeah, I just wanted to maybe talk a little bit about some aesthetic treatment options for men. Guys wanna get pampered too. We wanna feel good about ourselves and sometimes as father time kind of takes its toll on us we start to, you know, look a little older, a little tired. There are things that we can certainly do to kind of help rejuvenate, you know, our appearance, our look, our skin, make us look a little bit younger, a little bit more refreshed, you know, just makes us feel better in general. You know?

Dr. Franco: I just think that, you know, kind of the whole, you know, male care has really skyrocketed. I mean, I don’t know about your Derma practice, but in ours, we definitely over my short career we’ve regressively seen more men. And I think not as much in the surgery range but definitely in the non-invasive where we’re talking Botox, EMSculpt, CoolSculpting, even facials because, you know, I think the day we’re all on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, you know, if you watch Tall Gamer on TikTok, it’s pretty amazing. But we all wanna look good and we’re looking at ourselves. And I think also too is the workplace has become competitive. I think as people are dating later into age, I think all of those things play a factor in just wanting to look good and we’re more aware of our appearance, I think.

Gilberto: Yeah, absolutely. I couldn’t agree more. I think, you know, just in general, maybe the stigma or the… I don’t know what I’m trying to say, but the idea that cosmetics or aesthetics has kind of been geared more towards women and females that, you know, there’s been a kind of like a paradigm shift in that and more men are becoming aware of these things that are available to, you know, help them feel a little bit better about themselves. And I think you might agree, you know, statistics show that the number of treatments especially like you said, the minimally invasive treatments like Botox and fillers and such has progressively if not exponentially increased year after year for men.

Dr. Franco: Well, what would you do for Celebrity Anesthesia, Tall Gamer? Can we do a little case study here and then we’ll circle back with anything you missed?

Donald: Absolutely.

Dr. Franco: Who would you like to tackle first?

Travis: Do I need to get closer to this camera?

Donald: I don’t know if you wanna mess with perfection, but go ahead.

Gilberto: I mean, there’s a couple of different things that could be done. One of probably the most common aesthetic treatments that men come in for is Botox or as Dr. Franco alluded to Brotox. And it’s a real simple, easy way to kind of, you know, soften up some lines and wrinkles that may have formed over time that maybe make us look a little bit more tired or just, you know, a little bit more worn down. And it’s a quick easy way to help rejuvenate, you know, the appearance of the skin and make us look a little bit more youthful, make us look a little brighter. And most guys, one of the more common areas that they request to have treated is around the eyes or what we call the crow’s feet because over time and with the amount of sun exposure that someone gets throughout their lifetime, they will start to see these little lines and wrinkles form around the eyes, especially from sweating or smiling. And if someone’s very active outside like Celebrity Anesthesia who’s training for a half marathon, all the sun exposure can certainly play a role in the formation of these lines.

Dr. Franco: And that’s what I think that’s a big one for men that you hit on that I don’t want to scare people. A lot of men just wanna soften these lines. And both Celebrity and Tall Gamer don’t have any real deep lines but sometimes people wanna just soften them before they get super deep if they’ve seen them. Also a lot of people who have really deep lines, they just see where that train is headed and they wanna back it down. A lot of men aren’t looking for the perfectly smooth forehead, you know, like some of our women, and so just want to soften that look just a little bit. Because with men, it’s actually a little bit trickier I think for Botox because you don’t wanna overarch the brows because that can feminize them. So, there’s a lot of kind of unique tricks that makes the treatment itself a little bit different for men. Celebrity, I mean, in your world with all the high power people you talk to, can you maybe give us a little insight on your experience with male Botox, or men, or just men in general?

Travis: So, honestly, I mean, you mentioned that we are not seeing… I mean, we’re seeing a ton of these patients in office for quick treatments like Botox and filler and stuff, but we still get a good amount of men at the surgery center that we’re doing cases on. And one common theme is that they want to improve their appearance because it improves their confidence, they feel younger, they feel better, they feel more on top of their game. I think it helps confidence in the workplace. I think it helps confidence with their spouse or if they’re dating. So, I think little things. And like you said, we don’t have to make a huge change with Botox or filler, we can just do something very subtle. And I think that that’s what men are looking for in this day and age. Anything for that small competitive advantage or that small edge to give them an advantage somewhere, that’s a great little use for Botox.

Gilberto: And I think like Dr. Franco said, it’s a fine line where, you know, you wanna kind of soften things up, but you still wanna maintain that masculine appearance, you know, or that rugged appearance.

Travis: And I think…

Dr. Franco: Donald, what about in the gamer world? Do you see people wearing Botox? I mean, I know they’re behind the computer screen, they do a lot of squinting, a lot of this.

Donald: So, I was just gonna make that comment. Before things shut down with COVID and all that, right now is the prime time for conference season for us. And right now I would be in LA, right? And I would definitely see that a lot in the different board rooms out there and just with the different meetups. So, it is definitely something that I am starting to notice that is becoming more prevalent. And then I think just me being exposed to you guys on a daily basis, like, makes me more accepting of it as well and it’s like, in my head, I’m starting to think about the little things that I’d like to think about myself as well. I just… As you guys mentioned, as time goes forward, it becomes more acceptable for men to do it.

Dr. Franco: The other one and I hope I’m not giving away any secrets, Celebrity, but you and I have both had PRP injected into our hair and hopefully in a future segment we’ll actually get a friend of ours who does a lot of hair treatment on the show and talk specifically about hair, but there’s really a ton of different spots that you can do. And again, both of us have a great set of hair. We’re just holding on to our Rico Suave look as long as possible here.

Donald: See, it’s funny that you mentioned that because that’s something I’m personally interested in. I’ve got a nice little fro going, the COVID fro. I’d like to make sure it stays poofy for as long as possible.

Dr. Franco: We’re all just trying to catch up with Gilberto, but there can only be one most beautiful man in Austin.

Donald: I bet it is.

Gilberto: I gotta thank my mom for these lots.

Travis: I think another thing, you know, that men are worried about with this kind of stuff is what’s the downtime for these kind of procedures? Is it gonna hurt? And what’s my cost and my cost-benefit on some of these procedures too? Gilberto, what do you think? Best bang for your buck. Something… Give us maybe a quick little rundown or a ballpark on Botox or filler or something like that.

Gilberto: So, again, I’ll kind of go back to the Botox because I do think that Botox probably gives you the best bang for your buck.

Travis: Sure.

Gilberto: Because there’s a lot of different areas that you can treat with Botox. I mentioned around the eyes, but, you know, you can also treat in between the brows for, like, those deep furrows that sometimes form. It kind of helps soften up that look so that, you know, someone maybe they’re a little concerned that, you know, they feel like they always look angry and that kind of helps soften that up. Forehead lines too kind of helps, you know, soften those lines up a little bit. You can still, you know, maintain a little bit of that, like I said, masculinity and, you know, rugged appearance of just, you know, being an older gentleman, but we can soften that lookup. Again, I think Botox is probably gonna give you the most bang for your bucks. There’s just so many different areas that can be treated, but there’s a ton of other things that can be done. You mentioned dermal fillers. Dermal fillers is a way to kind of help rejuvenate some of those deeper lines that don’t have as much to do with muscle movement, have more to do with just, you know, loss of volume in the face. That’s pretty… That’s very effective and cost-effective too in most cases.

Dr. Franco: Sure. And that’s not the only thing too because it’s not just aging, we get a lot of men who come in because they want a stronger jawline, you know, and they may have some subtle setback of their chin or jaw and just not have the strength jawline that they want, probably not with quarantine beards going around. But once we all start shaving, you know, that request is gonna go up. But, you know, if they don’t want a big surgery, they can give the illusion of a stronger jawline and that’s a very popular one with men. Noses are another popular one with men because, to your point, both Celebrity and Gilberto, you know, a lot of men it’s hard to really kind of wrap your mind around some downtime. And so, if they can come in and do a filler, most of us can find a weakened with a little bit of bruising and go on from there. I think that’s a popular one.

I’d like to challenge Gilberto’s biggest bang for your buck. I would almost say in men and obviously, from a surgery perspective, I have a different perspective. Quad bleph. So, upper and lower blepharoplasty eyelid lift is maybe the best bang for your buck in plastic surgery format. And I would say just because in men like a little bit of lines, people tend to tolerate. A little bit of gray, people look distinguished. I would say even a lot of men rock the ball pretty good. But the big old bags under your eyes and the heavy sets, you know, people just get tired of being told they’re tired. And I feel like that prematurely ages people.

I think people are pleasantly surprised about the cost of it. And, Celebrity, tell me if I’m wrong, but I mean, most people…I know I’m not the fastest in the world, but an hour and a half surgery maybe two to do an upper or lower, unless you’re doing… Obviously, not every case is the same. Sometimes there’s some other lid tightening and other things that we’re doing that they complicate it, but in general, it’s not an all-day affair. And usually, the hardest thing is just telling people to take it easy because you don’t have much pain.

Travis: Yeah. It’s not a super painful procedure. It’s really easy to localize that area with numbing medication, numbing, you know, lidocaine derivative. Once you do that, I mean, it’s basically a painless procedure. From that standpoint, the recovery is super easy and, like you said, huge bang for your buck right there. I mean, these people wake up and they look 10 years younger than when I put them to sleep. It’s pretty remarkable.

Dr. Franco: And Gilberto tell us, because you can do a little bit of camouflage especially for the lower eye bags, but at some point, the bags get a little prominent that’s hard to find.

Gilberto: Yeah. So, with dermal fillers, we can kind of soften up the hollows in the eyes or what we call the teardrops. I’m limited to injectables because I’m not in a surgical typesetting like you are and I don’t have, you know, the extensive training and experience that you have. So, I have to use the tools that are in my bag to try and help, you know, soften up some of these trouble spots for patients. But yeah, we can certainly use a little bit of filler jot down in here to kind of soften up those lines, but there’s plenty of times where, you know, I have a patient who comes in and, you know, I think they’re beyond the point of help with a filler and I’ll refer them over to you so that you can work your magic.

Donald: I got a question on that. So, with the fillers underneath the eyes versus the surgery that you were talking about, Johnny, what’s the downtime on both of those? What’s the recovery time on both of those options?

Dr. Franco: I mean, the one down part of doing your eyes with surgery is that you gotta be willing to tolerate bruising for about two weeks. And so, you know, being able to work from home, those type of things, most people in four or five days can work at home. If you don’t care people bruising, you know, going to work, you can still go to work about four or five days, but definitely you’re gonna have bruising for about two weeks.

Gilberto: With a filler, there can be a little bit of bruising. There are certain techniques that can be utilized to kind of minimize bruising. I take this approach where I use a blunt tip needle called a cannula to inject the filler and I kind of create a little entry port way out here and then I use the cannula, this blunt needle and kind of take it under the eye and deposit the filler down in there. And by doing that, the idea is that you are creating less trauma underneath the surface of the skin, which minimizes the risk for bruising. There’s still maybe a little bit of swelling, but you may not see as much bruise.

Donald: Okay.

Travis: One thing that I do think is super interesting during this time at the surgery center, we have actually been doing a lot of male bluffs. And I didn’t really realize it until we were just talking about everything and I was like, “You know what? It’s probably the fact that people are sitting at home. They’re working from home for the most part. If they’ve got to do things, you know, it might be on a Zoom meeting or whatnot, but most things can be taken care of via email and in teleconference.” So, this is a great time if you’re a guy and you got some downtime to do a little bluff.

Dr. Franco: And you can always fake that your camera is not working.

Donald: Oh, yeah.

Travis: What? What? What?

Dr. Franco: Exactly. Exactly. Can I make one comment before we move on just because I can’t stop staring at it? Gilberto, is your background backwards?

Gilberto: Is it backwards?

Donald: Oh, it is.

Travis: It definitely is.

Dr. Franco: Okay. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t need to change my prescription.

Gilberto: It’s the exact same background I used with our last podcast and you told me it was facing the right side, the right way.

Dr. Franco: You’re welcome.

Gilberto: I always put it backwards.

Travis: But on a high note you killed it with that first joke and the script is actually going pretty well.

Dr. Franco: I wanna hit a few other things up before we run out of time here because we talked about Botox, definitely fillers we’ve talked about, eyes we’ve talked about. I would say the other surgery that I see quite commonly for men, and this tends to be the other spectrum, a little bit of my younger men is gynecomastia. It tends to be another one, especially, you know, in their 20s, 30s. I think we see it a lot in Austin because a lot of men tend to be very fit and, again, cognizant of their body and so forth. And so, gynecomastia is just when you have some residual breast tissue. And I think people don’t… Not to bore you guys with a little kind of medical knowledge here. But I don’t think people realize that a very vast majority of men have some level of gynecomastia during puberty.

Fortunately, the majority of men that resides on his own as their hormones balance out and so forth. But some men can still get bluff. And it can be very, very, very small to a larger degree. Also, some men just put weight in that chest area and then just like any other body part, we all put fat in different areas and so, also, sometimes people just put weight on their chest and it’s not a true gynecomastia, but something people wanna improve. So, that’s probably the other very common male surgery that we see in our practice.

Gilberto: So, what’s involved with that, Dr. Franco? What kind of procedure is that?

Dr. Franco: Yeah. I mean, with some of the new liposuction techniques, most men you can actually treat with some special types of liposuction to limit the scarring. Because the old treatments used to involve incisions around the areola, you know, but a lot of men were trying to do this to get into swim season and not have to wear a shirt much like Celebrity Anesthesia. And so having a scar on the chest really switched one, you know, kind of concern for another. And so that wasn’t making a lot of gains.

And when we moved to being able to treat this with some special type of liposuctions, I think it was a big win. I think for some people who had some borderline skin issues in the past that, again, we’d have to treat with skin excision we’ve been able to treat with Renuvion J-Plasma, some skin tightening devices, which I think have been a big leap forward. Unfortunately, there’s still some people who’ve had some massive weight loss and those type of things that don’t quite qualify for that yet and still would have to decide whether, you know, a true scar incision on the chest is worth the trade-off. And that’s something based on individuals.

Travis: And Dr. Franco, correct me if I’m wrong, but when we have done these, there have been a couple of cases where, you know, we’re not able to get everything with lipo. And if you do have to go in behind the nipple or behind the areola and actually remove some of that tissue, that scar really is pretty well hidden around the areola.

Dr. Franco: It’s pretty well hidden and if you can thin it out overall with the lipo, it tends to be a smoother transition. If you do have kind of…sometimes you can have some very hard little, like, it’s almost like a tiny little nugget that just can’t come out. To your point, the incision can be really small too. You avoid something that’s called a saucer deformity wherein the old days, we were just used to scoop it and not do some combinational lipo to smooth it out. It gave it kind of a weird artificial appearance. And to your point, a lot of people do successfully combine this because right at the border of the areola, there’s a nice transition where you can hide that incision very well.

Donald: Now, I’m gonna assume that’s a longer recovery time on that, sir.

Dr. Franco: In what? In Botox? Yeah.

Donald: In Botox or the eyelids. Yeah.

Dr. Franco: In Botox, not really more than eyelids. And the thing about that is you can hide it. I mean, Celebrity, tell me, but when you’re doing anesthesia people tend to wake up pretty well.

Travis: I mean, again, it’s a very small area. If we are doing lipo, half of the liposuction is putting to tumescent fluid which has local anesthetic and epinephrine in it to kind of tighten that area up and to localize the pain in that area. So, patients wake up very comfortably. We’re done. I mean, I would say that case takes you maybe what? Hour and a half max?

Dr. Franco: Yeah, max. And even less if you don’t have to do any of the combination to try and excise some harder spot. Yeah.

Travis: Yeah.

Donald: Okay.

Dr. Franco: Can we talk about some kind of maybe third category because we’ve talked about surgery, we’ve talked about Botox fillers, but there’s some other things on the market like EMSculpt or CoolSculpting, which we’ve found to be very, very popular in men. And I would say even for a lot of my men, EMSculpt, which is a muscle-building device, isn’t even just for looks. We have a lot of men who are doing training that wanna just either recovering after an injury and trying to build back up. We have some men who just had been kind of on the down-low from COVID and trying to get back into stuff and kind of help jumpstart their routines. Also, some men who have just plateaued in their workouts and like to use it to just kind of help keep stuff moving along. So, I think that’s a really interesting one that men have really, really liked.

Gilberto: Have you seen an increase in men coming in for EMSculpt to your practice?

Dr. Franco: We have. I feel like Med Spa services after COVID they were much slower to pick up versus surgery and so forth, but definitely steadily increasing. And I think some of that has to do with, you know, maybe some reservations about the gyms and other things like that. Also, if you didn’t get on the bandwagon, ordered gym equipment soon, I think they don’t wanna wait till like December of 2024.

Donald: Yeah. You’re out now.

Dr. Franco: I personally do it on my arms and I love it. And I’ve seen a huge difference. It’s hard to tell because these arms are almost so big, they can’t fit on the screen, but oh yeah, that’s right. That’s right. Gilberto, don’t be scared. I’m a long ways away.

Travis: Oh, my God.

Gilberto: A little good.

Donald: Small caliber.

Dr. Franco: How about you guys? At your practice, do you guys see any men doing some of the non-invasive, the EMSculpt, CoolSculpting? There’s 1,000 different on the market.

Gilberto: We don’t have EMSculpt in my practice, but we do have CoolSculpting. And there’s a good amount of men that come in and get some CoolSculpting treatments done. It’s primarily for like the ab region or, like, love handles. There’s different piece…what do you call them? Adapters, I guess you could say for different areas on the body. And so some of the more common ones that we use for male patients, in particular, are gonna be, like, for abdomen and, like, love handles, hip area, that kind of thing. And I also see a lot of patients coming in…I get a lot of male patients coming in for laser treatments too. We have a lot of lasers in our practice, and so we do a lot of laser resurfacing, laser rejuvenation, you know, just a lot of different applications for lasers with the ones that we have that patients can benefit from.

Dr. Franco: And I think it just goes to the overall skincare and just trying to look better. And this is where kind of helping you get direct, I think the old adage that all this stuff was taboo for men has gone out by the wayside in terms of this. So, I think men dabble in pretty much all of these, everything from a good skincare routine to HydraFacials and things like that. And so that’s pretty common.

Gilberto: And you have HydraFacial in your practice, don’t you, Dr. Franco?

Dr. Franco: I’m sorry.

Gilberto: You have a HydraFacial…

Dr. Franco: We do. We do. We have a lot of men that do it as prep for photoshoots, other things because, you know, we all wanna look good.

Donald: And I’m gonna say, for you, Gilberto, do you see a lot of men coming in for laser hair removal or just like permanent hair removal?

Gilberto: Oh, we do. Yeah. I actually do it myself because I used to get terrible, like, razor burn on my neckline from shaving.

Dr. Franco: You just picked Celebrity Anesthesia’s interest.

Donald: Mine too. Mine too.

Gilberto: I’ve done multiple treatments on my neckline just because it’s been a game-changer for me. I used to get terrible ingrown hair, razor bumps. And having access to the laser machine in the office has been a real game-changer. I hardly even have to, like, shave my line anymore. It’s so good that, you know, it’s so even. You don’t even have to worry about really shaving much anymore.

Donald: So, you just hit it up during lunch break and…

Gilberto: I usually do it, like, after hours.

Dr. Franco: Mary just hit me up on the DM and said if she could get a discount because the amount of time they would free if she doesn’t have to shave Celebrity’s back would be tremendous for her blog. So, @yourtrendytherapist is asking if she could do a collab with you and do something that can free up her time so that she doesn’t have to drive to lax Travis.

Travis: I’m trying to decrease the drag, the wind resist…

Gilberto: Are you running without a shirt or are you swimming?

Travis: No, no. Running with a shirt. What is that?

Dr. Franco: Any last male treatments before we get to some of the end fun part here from anybody?

Travis: I did wanna touch on one thing that I think is super important and then I don’t see enough guys that I go play golf with or, you know, go work out with or whatever. I don’t see enough guys using sunscreen. And I’m out in the sun all the time. I’m a lake rat and I run a bunch. And Gilberto and Dr. Franco are always saying, “Hey, dude, get good sunscreen. Get good sunscreen. Get good sunscreen.” That is gonna be more beneficial than anything that you could do long-term if you apply sunscreen daily. So, huge shout out to sunscreen.

Donald: You know what?

Gilberto: Thank you.

Dr. Franco: That’s the biggest bang for your buck right there.

Travis: Oh, yeah.

Donald: I also…

Dr. Franco: Sorry, Gilberto. Mute.

Donald: I also want to like double up on what he’s saying about… Did you mute me?

Dr. Franco: No. I muted Gilberto, you wouldn’t be able to still talk if I had muted you.

Donald: No. But I wanted to follow up with Travis and also say, like, even to people who have more melanin in their skin should also still use sunscreen.

Travis: Absolutely.

Donald: It’s an old myth that people with darker skin don’t need it and that’s just not true.

Gilberto: As a matter of fact, Bob Marley, he died of melanoma. So, it happens.

Dr. Franco: Wow. That’s a good little nugget. That is a good little nugget. You came strong today, Gee.

Gilberto: Yeah. I’m trying. I’m trying. I’m trying to stay with this show.

Dr. Franco: What else you got for us?

Gilberto: No. I really I wanna thank Travis for, you know, adding that little tidbit because it’s really important. And coming from a dermatology background, sunscreen is something that we preach all day every day. And so, yeah, I couldn’t agree more with Travis’ little nugget of knowledge there.

Dr. Franco: Well, Travis was texting me throughout the whole show is like, “Is Gilbert really not gonna talk about sunscreen? Should I bring it up? I don’t wanna step on his toes, but, damn, we’re almost done and he hasn’t said one word about it.” I was like, “I don’t know, man. I’ve been trying to like, you know, show him some hints, but…” Well, let’s do a little… Can we do a little fact or fiction with Producer Donald?

Donald: Oh, Lord.

Gilberto: This will be interesting.

Travis: Oh, yeah.

Dr. Franco: How about this? Fact or fiction, Producer Donald is gonna be on the cover of the new Austin Smiles promo for 2020?

Gilberto: Is this true?

Donald: That’s fiction. Yeah.

Dr. Franco: That is fact.

Donald: What?

Dr. Franco: I have seen the promo. So, the new flyer for Austin Smiles, one Producer Donald may have made the cover. I mean, I’m not gonna show you guys here. You gotta wait. But there’s word on the street. There’s word on the street.

Gilberto: Do you have another celebrity in this cast?

Dr. Franco: I didn’t wanna drop that nugget yet, but I felt like he was here, we gotta give him a little sunshine.

Donald: All right. All right. That’s awesome.

Dr. Franco: Okay. We’ll see what happens. I mean, there’s still time. It hasn’t been mass printed, so you can still make the floor.

Donald: Make sure they get the nickname right, Big Daddy.

Dr. Franco: Fact or fiction, nobody besides Donald has ever called him Big Daddy?

Donald: I’m gonna tell you, that’s fiction. We won’t go any further.

Dr. Franco: Gilberto, give us a little behind the bovie about Brotox. What’s something about male healthcare that people wouldn’t know?

Gilberto: So, one thing that some people may not know is that Botox actually does not come in liquid form. It has to be reconstituted in the office.

Dr. Franco: You said that same one in episode two.

Gilberto: Thank you, Dr. Franco.

Donald: I believe…

Travis: Got him.

Dr. Franco: Don’t make us refer to the tape.

Gilberto: I just wanted to see if you were paying attention to our previous podcast.

Dr. Franco: Oh, okay.

Travis: I would honestly say the amount of men that come in for some type of plastic surgery procedure or some type of esthetics procedure, it blew my mind when I first got into aesthetics how many male patients I actually had and it is far less taboo than I thought as an outsider before I got involved.

Donald: Here’s a question.

Dr. Franco: I think that’s great one. And you do anesthesia for multiple plastic surgeons, you get to see an entire spectrum instead of just, you know, kind of some niche practices. So, that really means a lot coming from you.

Donald: I believe this question was answered on one of the other podcasts before, but I’m gonna ask it anyways. When men come in for the jawline stuff, do they have to shave?

Gilberto: It helps. It helps so you can kind of see the jawline a little bit better, but it’s not necessary. It’s just a little more beneficial.

Dr. Franco: I mean, yeah, 100%, Gilberto, you can do it. But if you got a big old beard down to here, it’s gonna make it really hard for us to be super precise for you. Plus, it’s tougher to kind of see where those deficits are because some of it, when you come in, we look at you at every different angle, every turn in your head, and we really are trying to kind of change that whole profile for someone. And so if we can’t kind of see where that bone structure is, we’re guessing a little bit.

Gilberto: And for someone with a full beard, I mean, you’re really not gonna see the benefit of the filler because you’ve got that full beard cover. So, it’s just to your benefit to come in, you know, at best with, like, a 5:00 shadow or maybe a little bit longer than that, but would best suited to not have anything. Yeah.

Dr. Franco: Do we get a quote of the day? Who’s taking the quote of the day today?

Gilberto: Travis.

Travis: Is it me? I was hardly prepared. Oh, look, I found one right here. These are… There’s two. Do you want to do one, Gilberto?

Gilberto: Sure. Yeah, I can do one.

Travis: I’ll do one, you do the other. They’re both about Father’s Day or they both have to do with Father’s Day. Robert L. Backman said, “Father is the noblest title a man can be given. It is more than a biological role. It signifies a patriarch, a leader, an exemplar, a confidant, a teacher, a hero, a friend.”

Donald: I agree.

Dr. Franco: I like it as not being a father, it sounds incredible as a son. So, yeah. Agree.

Travis: And for all the people that have called Donald daddy, there you go.

Dr. Franco: Gilbert, what do you got for us?

Gilberto: I have another one. A little bit not quite so heartfelt and deep, but about fathers and honoring fathers and the hard work that they do in raising their children and being providers for their family. So, this is a quote from H. Jackson Brown and says, “Life doesn’t come with an instruction book. That’s why we have fathers.”

Dr. Franco: I like that. I like that.

Travis: That’s a good one.

Dr. Franco: You just put some more footprints on the moon.

Gilberto: Well, I thought it was kind of interesting because, you know, traditionally speaking, or, you know, historically speaking, we’re not really good about reading instruction books anyways as guys. We just kind of wanna just wing it and just do things, you know, on our own and try and figure it out for ourselves. So, I thought that was kind of funny because it’s like, you know, life doesn’t come with a book of instructions, and that’s why we have fathers.

Donald: Yeah.

Travis: Very true.

Dr. Franco: Any closing statements before we shut it down for the day?

Donald: [inaudible 00:38:07]

Travis: I do think coming up here we may have to lose my Brotox virginity, we might have to come in and see what the hype is all about.

Donald: That’s a good point.

Dr. Franco: Let’s do it. Maybe we can do a little special edition and get Celebrity and do a little Brotox, a little something. So, we’re gonna make this happen. We’ve talked about it three or four times. So, before we film our next cast, we’re gonna be talking about Celebrity’s first Botox treatment.

Travis: And we can put a poll up for shirt or no shirt.

Gilberto: Let’s get that…

Dr. Franco: I’m gonna let that one go. I’m gonna let that one go. Producer Donald, any parting words of wisdom?

Donald: Hey, men, just be safe out there. And that’s it, honestly. Be safe out there. It’s crazy.

Dr. Franco: Well, I appreciate everybody joining us. I hope you guys loved it. I thought Gilberto killed it with his first scriptwriting. And so, Gee, I appreciate it for you. And so if you wanna sign us off today, why don’t you do the honors?

Gilberto: Thank you, guys, for joining us. We really appreciate y’all listening in. This is “Plastic Surgery Untold,” the world’s greatest podcast as voted by us. See you next time.

Travis: Yeah.

Donald: Peace.

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