Episode 12: Luscious Lovable Lips!

Special Guest: Megan Parken

Dr. Franco: Welcome back team to “Plastic Surgery Untold.” I’m Dr. Johnny Franco, also known as Austin Plastic Surgeon. And so I have the incredible privilege and punishment, sometimes, being joined by my celebrity co-hosts here. And so we have some familiar faces. One, G-Berto. Thanks for joining us.
Gilberto: Thank you, sir. Good to be here.
Dr. Franco: Megan “Blue Check Mark” Parken.
Megan: Hey, guys.
Dr. Franco: Katie Jae, our fabulous aesthetician who was brought back by popular demand after our last episode. And then Celebrity Husband, Celebrity Anesthesia, we’re still trying this out, which is our favorite, joining us again.
Travis: What’s up?
Dr. Franco: Today, we’re gonna talk about some luscious lips, which I think is very fitting. You know, we’ll let you guys compare whose lip augmentation is better, either G-Berto or Katie Jae. But, you know, that’s a discussion for a little bit later. But before we get into luscious lips, let’s just catch up on what’s going on with everybody’s life. Megan, why don’t you start this time?
Megan: Oh, my gosh. Well, I’m getting ready to go to Coachella, so I’m starting…
Katie Jae: Oh, my gosh. That’s so fun.
Dr. Franco: You’ve been keeping that little nugget from us all day.
Katie Jae: Wow.
Megan: So I might dye my hair purple. I don’t know.
Katie Jae: Yes.
Megan: I’m thinking about it. Because, like, we know with blondes, it basically washes out in a few washes. But, I mean, for a festival fashion and festival makeup and hair, I think…
Dr. Franco: So when are you doing this?
Megan: It’s the first week of April.
Dr. Franco: Okay. Well, that’s exciting.
Megan: Yeah.
Dr. Franco: Okay.
Megan: It’s gonna be my second time. I went last year. It was so fun. I know it’s kind of…people think it’s overrated, but it’s really not.
Gilberto: I went four years in a row.
Megan: If you ever get a chance to go, it’s so fun.
Dr. Franco: You went four years in a row?
Megan: It has been my dream place because I’ve never gone.
Katie Jae: It’s amazing.
Megan: It’s my bucket list.
Katie Jae: I need to go.
Gilberto: Yeah. I went four years back to back.
Dr. Franco: I thought it’s a hard place to recover from?
Megan: It’s worth it.
Gilberto: It is.
Megan: It’s a hard trip in general just because it’s kind of out in the middle of nowhere. You gotta get to Palm Springs, you gotta get somewhere to stay, and then, yeah, it’s basically three days of music, and partying, and crazy outfits.
Dr. Franco: So your rule of being up by 10 probably will be on break…
Megan: It doesn’t even matter because, like, the sets don’t even start until, like, 1 p.m., so I’m good.
Dr. Franco: You’re good. Isn’t it…?
Travis: That’s her happy place.
Megan: And there are parties that go into the night, so, like, you have to, like, kinda pace yourself.
Dr. Franco: Don’t you, like, camp out?
Megan: No. Oh, you could, you could.
Gilberto: You could, but I never did.
Megan: I don’t camp.
Katie Jae: Yeah. Who’s a camper?
Dr. Franco: Oh, you don’t camp?
Megan: No, no. Don’t take me camping.
Gilberto: Shocker of the century, Megan is…you heard it here first. Megan does not camp.
Megan: But when half of the point is, like, you’re gonna bring your outfits, you’re gonna do your hair and makeup all of these crazy ways, camping is a little difficult to get ready when…you know? I mean, you’re kinda limited.
Katie Jae: Who’s camping?
Dr. Franco: So it’s more of a fashion…?
Megan: Maybe if you’re a guy, you just roll out and you camp outside [crosstalk 00:02:23.195] look good, I mean, okay, but…
Dr. Franco: You think G-Berto just rolls out? No. For those of you that are not watching us on YouTube and you’re just listening to it, G-Berto is a pretty man who’s got a matching pocket square. Is that a lavender that you’re wearing?
Katie Jae: The color that she wants her hair.
Gilberto: I would say yes, it’s pretty close to lavender.
Megan: Yeah, that’s exactly the color.
Gilberto: Lilac, maybe?
Katie Jae: But, actually, yeah, lilac will be her hair color.
Megan: That’s completely the point.
Gilberto: Yeah, lilac.
Megan: It’s symbiotic today.
Dr. Franco: So for those of you that are listening to us and wanna see all the greatness that’s going on here, you can actually check us out on our YouTube channel. And so you can look up “Plastic Surgery Untold” on YouTube and you can see these two gorgeous ladies, and one just handsome gentleman, G-Berto, and then, I mean, there’s Travis and I. Travis, what’s going on in your life?
Travis: Not much, man. We are in the process of, hopefully, planning a vacation. Mary is kinda getting back up and moving around after her knee injury. My wife hurt her knee while we were skiing a couple months ago, and now we’re on the mend. You can follow all of her progress, @yourtrendytherapist.
Dr. Franco: I thought we were gonna break the streak.
Megan: She always [inaudible 00:03:28] I love that.
Dr. Franco: I thought we were gonna make the streak there of…
Travis: No, no, no, always. Always gotta [inaudible 00:03:32]
Dr. Franco: Where were you guys thinking about going?
Travis: We’re gonna go somewhere hot. Her only…
Dr. Franco: Hot, hot, hot.
Travis: Hot, hot, hot. The only qualification she had about this was it has to be somewhere that I can be at a beach and no extreme sports this time.
Dr. Franco: Okay. So something a little bit of Netflix and chill at the beach.
Travis: Yeah, there. Maybe a little sunbathing with sunscreen, of course, and hanging out on pools.
Dr. Franco: Katie Jae, what’s going on with you?
Katie Jae: I have company coming into town tonight, so I have to go home and clean my house today. That’s really what’s happening in my world. Like, I gotta do laundry, clean, and get ready. Because I’m a foodie, so I wanna just, like…
Dr. Franco: What’s your favorite restaurant in Austin, for those listening?
Katie Jae: Okay. Dai Due.
Dr. Franco: Ooh, I’ve never been. Have you been?
Travis: I have not.
Dr. Franco: Because Travis Celebrity Husband is a foodie as well, so we may…
Travis: We are foodies at our house, yeah.
Katie Jae: We should all go.
Dr. Franco: We may have to incorporate a little foodie off one of these days.
Travis: I’d like that.
Katie Jae: We should.
Dr. Franco: Producer Donald, can we think about this? Maybe everybody brings a favorite restaurant in the near future?
Megan: We should maybe do a podcast from one of our favorite restaurants [crosstalk 00:04:29.343]. That would be fun.
Dr. Franco: If anybody’s listening who owns a restaurant and would like us to be on-site, we will talk to Premium Records and see if we could make this happen. So let’s see what can happen here, because there may be some on-location filming coming up soon. I don’t wanna say yes because it’s still…
Travis: Don’t give them all the deets.
Dr. Franco: Well, it’s still in the works. We’ve been talking, but there may be some on-site stuff coming up soon.
Megan: Yeah.
Dr. Franco: G-Berto, what about you? What’s going on with your life?
Gilberto: So I’m also trying to plan a little getaway.
Dr. Franco: Where are you going?
Gilberto: I don’t know yet, but also the request was someplace warm, so…
Dr. Franco: Oh, wait, so this was…?
Megan: Wait, who was the request from?
Dr. Franco: Yeah.
Megan: I wanna know.
Dr. Franco: This seems like a third party.
Gilberto: So, my girlfriend…
Dr. Franco: So, you guys are…?
Megan: Oh, so it’s a girlfriend?
Dr. Franco: You guys are official now?
Megan: This is good, this is good.
Dr. Franco: You’re official now.
Gilberto: My girlfriend recently turned 30. And so she wanted to take a little trip, and so I told her I’d take her somewhere. I’m still trying to plan out all of the logistics of it and trying to figure out exactly where to go, but she did say she wanted to go somewhere warm.
Dr. Franco: Megan, I feel like this is a big relationship step for him to take her on a birthday trip.
Megan: It is. I actually think of really…I mean, not for a first date but, like, in the beginning stages of a relationship…
Dr. Franco: Do a lot of people go on vacation first dates?
Megan: Well, no, but I’m saying I think in the beginning…
Dr. Franco: Well, damn. I’m a low-roller.
Katie Jae: I know. I’m just like, “Where have these guys been?”
Megan: I think in the beginning of a relationship, to go on a trip is a really good thing. Obviously, you guys have been in a relationship before, but it’s just, you know…
Gilberto: Yeah, to be fair, we’ve been together…
Travis: You do not know someone until you travel with them first.
Megan: Right, right.
Dr. Franco: So, I’m pretty excited because this could be a deal-breaker, huh?
Megan: No.
Gilberto: I don’t know. We’ve traveled before, but, you know…
Megan: Right. It’s a [crosstalk 00:06:03.266]
Dr. Franco: So I’m not trying to…
Gilberto: You shouldn’t be excited about that.
Dr. Franco: I just want more G-Berto time, right? Now I feel like I’m sharing.
Gilberto: Selfish, selfish, selfish.
Dr. Franco: You know what? I’ve talked to Producer Donald, and we thought that… Because some of the first few episodes, I felt like G-Berto was a little quiet, maybe a little passive. I feel like the last couple episodes, he’s brought the thunder.
Megan: He’s bringing the heat.
Dr. Franco: He was a black sheep. Those who didn’t watch episode 11, please do. I don’t wanna ruin, you know, the cliffhanger there, but there may be a little black sheep. But I feel like he’s not been a black sheep lately. Would you all agree?
Katie Jae: Definitely not.
Megan: No, he’s stepping up and he’s good.
Dr. Franco: For those that are listening, could we agree that he’s been a little bit of a shark lately.
Megan: Wow.
Dr. Franco: So because of the thunder that you brought, I got you a little hat.
Gilberto: Thank you.
Dr. Franco: The Shark. And, you know, I just feel like you’ve turned the corner from black sheep to shark.
Travis: I love it.
Gilberto: And it matches.
Travis: That actually kinda segues into something I wanted to do because…
Dr. Franco: What?
Travis: Yeah. I brought gifts.
Gilberto: What?
Dr. Franco: Travis is the gift guy. So we’ve taken away quotes and gifts from Travis. Okay, good. I mean, there may be a seat open soon.
Gilberto: Ouch.
Travis: My right side is my best side.
Gilberto: What am I even doing here?
Megan: Then we’re switching spots.
Gilberto: What am I even doing here?
Travis: So we’ve got some gifts here. Let me see, this one…or get that one too, but that one’s for my mom.
Dr. Franco: Wow. Wait, all of these gifts are just for me?
Travis: Yeah.
Dr. Franco: That’s what I’m talking about.
Megan: You’re having such a good day.
Dr. Franco: Can we refocus the camera just here because this… Oh, this other half doesn’t really matter right now.
Megan: No. We are out.
Dr. Franco: Can I open these now?
Travis: Yeah, yeah.
Dr. Franco: Oh, wow.
Travis: I want you to.
Dr. Franco: This paper is so nice, dude.
Travis: Only the best for you, Johnny.
Dr. Franco: What?
Megan: OMG, I already know.
Dr. Franco: Dude, these are…
Travis: Oh, those are great.
Megan: Those are epic.
Dr. Franco: Mandalorian socks. And for those that don’t know, Travis and I both agree that Stance is probably the best socks.
Gilberto: Stance are my favorite socks, for sure.
Dr. Franco: Dude, these are amazing.
Travis: Even though my opinion doesn’t matter anymore.
Megan: You matter.
Dr. Franco: For those that follow us at IG, @austinplasticsurgeon, you will see me wearing these mañana.
Travis: I know how much you love the Mandalorian, and on top of that, I found some shark socks.
Dr. Franco: Some shark socks? Man, I promise you, this was not planned. We got shark socks.
Travis: That’s great.
Megan: Get out.
Dr. Franco: Because you’re saying I’m a shark?
Travis: Yeah. Have you seen that meme that says, “Do sharks complain about Monday?”
Dr. Franco: No.
Travis: No? So there’s this meme that says, “Do sharks complain about Monday? No. Sharks are out there chasing fish, eating, biting stuff, showing everyone and reminding them that they’re a freaking shark.”
Dr. Franco: I’m a shark.
Travis: That’s true, that’s true. I like it.
Megan: Wow.
Dr. Franco: Well, thank you. I mean, this is like…we’re like two peas in a pod.
Megan: You guys are same-same, same-same.
Dr. Franco: This is what I’m talking about. We’re like Twinkies. My Twinkie is gonna be [inaudible 00:08:56] I know we’re eating up a little bit of time here, but can I tell a quick story talking about Twinkies?
Megan: Yeah, talk about it.
Dr. Franco: My brother had gotten a gift from his pregnant wife, and he loves her so much.
Travis: This is your twin brother, right?
Dr. Franco: Yeah, my twin brother. So this is Jimmy. I’m Johnny, he’s Jimmy, twin names. And so my mom had been clearing out the house and she sent us all a bunch of pictures, and he got this wrapped up picture and he opens it, he’s got this big gift, and his wife’s like, “Hey, I went through the pictures that your mom sent and I found one that I absolutely love. And so I took the liberty to get it framed so we can put it in the middle of our house because this is you as a child and I just think you look so cute in it.” And he goes, “Out of all the pictures you picked, why did you pick this one?” Because she sent, like, 30 to 40 of them. She goes, “I just thought in this one, you were the cutest. It’s just the one that made me smile the most. I just love this picture.”
Megan: I know where this is going.
Dr. Franco: And my brother is like, “That’s interesting because that’s Johnny.” But now it’s awkward because it’s already been framed.
Megan: So now it just means his twin brother…
Dr. Franco: And she already cleared out a spot for it.
Katie Jae: Oh, my word.
Dr. Franco: So he sent me a picture of it framed on the table it would have been spared. He goes, “It’s the cutest one.”
Travis: That’s hilarious.
Katie Jae: I knew that was coming.
Dr. Franco: Boom, boom, boom, greatest twin.
Megan: We gotta throw the picture up and post so they can see that.
Dr. Franco: We’ll post this tomorrow. [crosstalk 00:10:24.066] send me a picture. We’ll post it.
Megan: This is amazing.
Travis: You can open this one up later, but this one’s from Familiar Signs.
Dr. Franco: Well, how can I not open up a present from mom?
Travis: Just, I don’t know, we’re running out of time right now.
Megan: Wow, all the socks.
Gilberto: Oh, more of my favorite socks. Cool.
Megan: It’s really good. [crosstalk 00:10:41.433] socks.
Dr. Franco: I’m so glad that…damn, these are nice.
Megan: He’s sockless.
Travis: Well, we know you like Marvel, and…
Dr. Franco: Is this a little Spiderman?
Megan: That’s a Spiderman.
Travis: That’s a little Spiderman.
Dr. Franco: I like that, I like that.
Gilberto: Those are very cool socks.
Dr. Franco: It’s just raining gifts for me. I love this. Thank you, G-Berto.
Gilberto: You’re welcome.
Dr. Franco: On some red color, can we talk a little bit about luscious lips.
Travis: I love it. Let’s do it.
Megan: Do it.
Dr. Franco: Let’s talk about luscious lips. G-Berto, maybe talk just a little bit about lip augmentation, and then I’m sure that we got some questions coming, and we’ll get the show started.
Megan: Let’s do it.
Gilberto: Yeah. So I think like we’ve talked about in the past, lip augmentation has been huge. Clearly, we’ve discussed that jawlines are the new lip, but before there was jawline, there was lips. And so I think lip augmentation just really blew up in the last few years, and I think we can thank some Instagram influencers and celebrity…
Dr. Franco: Like Megan?
Gilberto: Like Megan and others like…
Dr. Franco: Like Katie Jae?
Gilberto: …Katie Jae for the growth in lip augmentation. I think it just kind of transcended.
Dr. Franco: Can we just start from the beginning? I think, number one, people have a love-hate relationship with lips. I think a lot of people wanna get their lips down. People are worried about being overly fake, the infamous duck lips. And so maybe you guys can talk a little bit about fears, thoughts, and we can talk about how we get to a good point and not get to duck lips?
Gilberto: So I think things have changed a lot over this time frame where, you know, in the beginning, it was all about let’s just plump those lips up, you know, let’s not take into account shape or anything like that. Let’s just, like, fill the lips up as much as possible, get those lips out there. And I think over time, people realize that that’s not an attractive look. And so, you know, more care is being taken to make sure that the lip is not only fuller and maybe more projected but also maintains its natural shape, which, obviously, makes it more attractive or just noticeable, you know?
Dr. Franco: Can I say that I feel like this is one of the spots, and we were both recently at a presentation that we gave about enhancements and so forth, and I think that this is one of the places where I feel like social media has really done a great job of educating people. And I’d love to hear what you two think about this, but I feel like it’s pushed even providers such as myself, a plastic surgeon, a PA in the dermatology world to be better. Because I think the idea that, like, we could just fill lips, inject so much product and fill them, well, that’s fine, but there’s pressure that like, “Hey, here are some good-looking lip stuff,” you know, and not just lips but anything, that we need to improve these shapes. And there’s a lot of new techniques that we’ve adopted to stay up with the times and make this stuff look good because people are very aware of their appearance in the day of the selfie. Thoughts you guys have about how social media has pushed this and made stuff better?
Megan: Yeah. I mean, I would say for me, specifically, I think, actually, the lips has been the number one thing that I’ve gotten backlash on, which is interesting, like, for my YouTube videos and stuff. And I think maybe it’s just because for me, specifically, since I’ve done the video since I’ve been 13, people know what my lips looked like before. I think maybe with other people, they’re not having that comparison as much. But I think something interesting also to realize is makeup can also…you can kind of alter the shape of your lips. So if I go out and I have nothing on my lips, they don’t really look like anything’s been done. But if I wanna go ahead put a liner on, put a gloss on, really, like, dressing up at…
Dr. Franco: Like going to Coachella?
Megan: Well, yeah, maybe. Like you say, dressing up…
Dr. Franco: Or the night you went out and didn’t make it to the office?
Megan: Possibly. But I think just what you said, you know, sometimes with breasts, you can dress them up, dress them down. Lips are the same, in my opinion. You can dress them up or dress them down depending on the look that you want. And I think that’s interesting because I’ve had people be like, “Oh, I think your lips are…gone down.” I’m like, “No, it depends on how I choose to wear my makeup, and that kinda stuff also affects it.”
Dr. Franco: Can we back up? What made you or how did you decide that you first wanted to get your lips done? Because I think that would be interesting for people.
Megan: I think for me, specifically, yeah, I was just seeing that everyone else was doing it and it wasn’t something…
Dr. Franco: That sounds like a good reason.
Megan: But I guess to understand that I wasn’t doing it because everyone was doing it, but I was aware that it was something okay to then do. It was something that, since I was doing makeup, I always felt like I don’t have a ton of space to play around with lipstick or lipliner the way I’d want to. I was tired of overlining. I didn’t wanna have to do that anymore. And so when I was seeing these girls that I had seen before and then I saw their version after, I was like, “That looks nice, and I think, you know, it would be something I would wanna try out.” And, I don’t know, I kinda went from there, honestly.
Dr. Franco: Katie Jae, how have you seen, being in the beauty world, the whole lip stuff evolve? I mean…
Katie Jae: Absolutely. So I started as a makeup artist 19 years ago, then I started working in the MedSpa industry…
Dr. Franco: She started when she was two years old, just for those of you watching.
Katie Jae: I’m older than you…give me credit for this, I won’t tell my age.
Dr. Franco: But continue.
Katie Jae: And then I started working in, like, the MedSpa field 15 years. So this has been, like, my world for years, and I’ve done so many consultations for injectors. That’s something that I’ve done for years, and so I hear a lot of things. So I started getting lips at the age of 24, and I’ll tell you something, like, the size of my lips doesn’t happen overnight. Like, you can’t come in with really thin lips and then, boom, look… And I’ll get a lot of people that come in and they’re like, “I want…”
Dr. Franco: We’ll come back there. This is a good point, this is a good point.
Katie: Jae: We’ll talk about this. So I started doing it at 24 just because I did want that more kind of voluminous, pretty thing, and it was actually before it was popular. I mean, when I was 24…
Dr. Franco: So would you say you’re a trendsetter?
Travis: Trendsetter.
Dr. Franco: I mean, if Travis says it, then it must be true.
Katie Jae: It’s true. And you know what? I was overlining my lips before anyone was overlining them. It’s just kinda been a thing as maybe a makeup artist I was doing that because I like to play with the shades and everything.
Megan: And these guys are probably like…this is a little over their heads. They’re like [inaudible 00:16:27]
Dr. Franco: Just like we need Megan to [crosstalk 00:16:28.208] raise a family, I need you guys to come back.
Megan: Overlining is…
Katie: Jae: So, overlining…
Megan: Yeah, go ahead and explain.
Katie Jae: Yeah. So overlining is when you take your lip and you say, “Okay, I’m gonna go outside the line a little bit to make it appear larger and fuller.” That’s overlining.
Dr. Franco: I thought about doing that. I really have. Can we touch on that topic? Because I don’t wanna miss it because I thought it was so important what you said.
Katie Jae: Yeah, it is important.
Dr. Franco: And I’d love to hear G-Berto’s new shark thought on this. I think some people see luscious lips the way you have them. Megan has some incredible lips. And some people have great starting lips to begin with and to enhance them is actually easy for us. I think, sometimes, when people have very thin lips, they may want an appearance like what you and Megan have. And everybody starts at a different place, but this idea that you can just pump so much product in that you could get there and maybe being like, “Here’s $1 million, you know, pump in whatever product you want,” it just doesn’t happen that way. And I think this is where, as providers, we have to guide people like, “Hey, we can get you there, but this is the road, and the path, and the journey we’re gonna have to take to get you there.” And people have made the mistake in the old days just, “Let me pump 16 syringes in and get you these luscious lips,” but, i.e., you end up with duck lips.
Megan: Yeah.
Gilberto: Yeah.
Megan: Yeah.
Gilberto: Go ahead. No, please.
Megan: Oh, I was just gonna say, so if you wanna keep a look up…and every time you get injected, you are building just a little bit of collagen when you do that, right? So, at some point, after a certain amount of time, when you get to the volume that you like, then you gotta just stay on top of it. So, like, for me, I like a certain look. Every four months, I get more.
Gilberto: I think there’s something that has to be said about also the skin being able to stretch.
Megan: Exactly. You need that time.
Gilberto: Exactly. So, you know, and then there’s swelling that takes place almost instantly because the lips are so vascular and, you know, just so sensitive, you know, that they swell so much. You have to almost kinda wait for some of that swelling to go down sometimes so you can really see what you’re gonna end up with before you decide you even wanna fill them up further, you know?
Megan: Exactly.
Dr. Franco: I think the skin structure is such an important…because you can kinda see when you get to a point that you start putting more volume in there and the lips aren’t projecting anymore, they’re not really shaping. And then you get this really kind of weird artificial look because the product starts getting pushed elsewhere, and now you start losing control. And so I tell people a lot of times, do a little bit…and even just waiting a couple of weeks makes a big difference, but most people, waiting a couple months, come back and we can do more and keep adding on that because then they’re gonna get a more voluptuous, luscious, you know, full natural look that’s gonna look really great rather than this overly fake thing. And I think that’s super, super important is making sure that you have someone that’s gonna help you along that journey of, like, what they can and can’t do in a special setting. I think there’s a few other topics I wanna get to about looks because I think this is such a good topic in terms of the shape. And I think both of you guys mentioned getting to a shape you wanna be. Can you talk to us a little bit about some of the different tips, tricks, maybe some of the different techniques? Because there’s a lot of things that are posted on social media, this keyhole lip technique, lip flip. Can you talk about some of these, and what they mean, and how we do, and why they become popular?
Gilberto: Yeah. So you mentioned keyhole first, so let’s talk about that.
Dr. Franco: You’re welcome.
Katie Jae: Keyhole pout.
Gilberto: The keyhole pout is kinda like this look that I think has become just really, really popular on social media and Instagram. And it’s kinda like this just pouty look where the lips are kind of, like, slightly parted but not entirely parted, but there is this, like, little space on the lower lip that just kinda indents or carves in a little bit which kinda makes it look like a keyhole, like, you know, you can… And so it’s just one of those things that has grown in popularity, and I think a lot of people like that look and they kind of strive to achieve that look. So that’s one aspect of shaping the lip in a certain way. And there’s different ways to do it, you know, filling the lower lip in a certain way. I’ve seen videos where, you know, individuals will, like, hold a ribbon in between their teeth and kind of hold it down while the injector is injecting on either side of the ribbon to kinda help keep that shape.
Dr. Franco: Is that something you do?
Gilberto: No.
Dr. Franco: I think that’s something that’s more for a dramatization of Instagram…
Katie Jae: Slightly right. I think so, too.
Gilberto: I don’t think it really…
Katie Jae: It doesn’t do anything.
Dr. Franco: I think if you really control where you’re injecting, that product is not going everywhere else. So I think if you can really do a good job, if you’re doing stuff precisely, I guess if you’re just blasting stuff in it, then maybe it’s helpful, but that’s really not a great technique for other reasons.
Gilberto: Yeah. I don’t see that it makes a big difference, so it’s not something that I personally do.
Dr. Franco: And I think some of these things about being very precise, you know, lip tenting is another one that people talk about. Can you tell us a little bit about that?
Gilberto: So, lip tenting, from my…you may have a different definition of it, but from my perspective, it’s where you kind of fill the lip to where you’re actually getting more of the red part of the [crosstalk 00:21:08.338] to show, just making it look a little bit more fuller without actually, you know, creating a lot of projection, just kind of increasing the height of the lip, in a sense.
Dr. Franco: Because I think that’s super important because a lot of people aren’t looking for necessarily huge, huge lips but they want a better shape, and some of that is getting some more red show so they got that pouty lip. I think all of these things go hand in hand. And so lip tenting in my hands is trying to create these pillars that’s basically helping the lips stand up in a different direction because some people, it’s fallen. And it could be just that you were born that way and you just didn’t have a lot in your anatomy. Sometimes it can be over age because the lip gets a little bit longer. Most people don’t realize how their lips change with age and the lip gets a little longer, and so there are some other things we can do, but that helps rotate it back up. Sometimes, even when you lose a lot of weight in your face, everything falls a little bit. And while we don’t think about it, our lips and our skin deflates a little bit, and just a little difference in the lips in the central face makes a big, big, big difference. And so I think those are some really kinda cool things, and this, again, goes to going to a provider that can help walk you through what is possible, what’s not possible. I think going over some of the pictures of what you’re trying to achieve, somebody can help talk you through whether you can do it or not.
Gilberto: Yeah, absolutely. And, you know, it’s a matter of just, you know, creating the support where it’s needed to get that lip to kind of turn out. And sometimes it means injecting in the lip, sometimes it means injecting along the border of the lip or even in the upper part of the lip into what we call the philtral columns to kinda help create that support, and those are those two little lines that you see, like, just coming up your nose onto the lip.
Dr. Franco: I love injecting there just because you’re adding more shape to the overall lip because you’re getting that nice Cupid’s bow, you’re getting a nice shape to that upper lip instead of just a two-sausage look. And so I think these are a lot of little things…
Katie Jae: I know. I hate the sausage look. I don’t like the sausage roll. It’s a thing.
Dr. Franco: But even just to your point about injecting around, because we talk about lips and I think people just tend to think of the big, luscious lips, but there’s a lot of tricks we could do to turn up the corners of the mouth if you feel like you have a little frowny.
Katie Jae: Oh, like Botox?
Dr. Franco: Botox is a great one. Let’s talk about that, Botox around the mouth, because that’s something that I think people forget about. Do you do Botox around the mouth, and if so, what do you do it for?
Gilberto: A hundred percent. Most of the requests I get for Botox are for, like, what we call “smoker’s lines,” those…
Dr. Franco: But they can come from anything.
Gilberto: They can come from anything, yeah.
Dr. Franco: Straws, just facial animation.
Gilberto: Yeah, just, essentially, those lines are coming from, you know, the animation of puckering your lips and probably, most likely, a lot of sun damage.
Dr. Franco: And I think this is something we talked back on episode 11, if you guys didn’t listen, you should, but, you know, doing some skincare. Because there’s things that we could treat with fillers, Botox, but there are some fine stuff, and I tell people even with like surgery, “Hey, look, I can pull your face super tight,” but nobody comes in and says, “Hey, I was driving my convertible with the top down. I love how tight my face looked when it was in the wind.” So, you know, we can get you set up to a certain point, but the really fine lines comes from skincare, some resurfacing, some other things.
Katie Jae: Some good microneedling, some collagen induction, change the structural…
Dr. Franco: And especially around the mouth, this is super, super common. And I think this is where it’s nice to do a combination. Some helps with Botox, some’s filler, and some is skincare.
Katie Jae: Like, that’s when you realize, like, there isn’t just one treatment for everything, there’s multiple treatments. So when somebody says, “Hey, Katie, what do you do,” it’s like, everything. I literally do it all. I do microneedling for, you know, collagen and keeping my skin looking young, and that’s the first thing that I would recommend for anyone who clubs, either we have to do laser and get really deep with it or we do some microneedling with some PRP and make sure that that collagen is repleneshing on top of Botox to immediately smooth some hyaluronic fillers to help give that smooth, beautiful, youthful appearance. So you get that immediate gratification, and then you build a base of structure and collagen underneath.
Gilberto: And I think a lot of that has to do with the severity of those lines, you know? Like, if they’re deep lines that have been there for a long time that you can see them, you know, from a mile away, you’re gonna need something like laser treatment to resurface the entire area, you know?
Dr. Franco: And it depends on how much time people wanna have downtime. Because they may or may not be able to take it that much time.
Travis: I know you guys are talking about Botox being used in addition to some of these fillers. We use some stuff in the OR, too, that comes from your body. I’ve seen you put fat in people’s lips.
Dr. Franco: That’s a great alternative. A lot of times, when people…we’re doing a liposuction and people are taking fat out, you know, and wanna put it to good use, lips is a great place because, sometimes, we can do as many fine things as we can with the fillers, but, for some people, we just want some overall, long-lasting volume, fat is a great option to give you a natural fill into the lips. So, a great point that there’s options. And talking about products that we can use, fat is one of your own natural products, what are some other products that we can use for the lips for lip augmentation?
Gilberto: So we’ve talked about hyaluronic acid fillers before. I think that’s probably the number one type of filler to use in the lip for a lot of different reasons, but, for me, it’s one that, I think, gives us the most natural shape. And also…
Dr. Franco: And so, people who don’t know what hyaluronic acid fillers are, what are some names that they would know?
Gilberto: Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma.
Katie Jae: Vollure.
Gilberto: Versa by Revanesse.
Dr. Franco: And then there’s a lot of subcategories [crosstalk 00:26:20.459] like Juvederm Ultra Plus and other things, but those tend to be the most common, the Juvederm, and the Restylane, and the Versa tend to be kind of some of the big most common carriers. And I think the HAs are so popular, the hyaluronic acid like the Juvederm, the Vera, those type of things, just because they’re reversible if people don’t love them. They’re also a little bit softer. I think we’ve talked in another cast about Radiesse for a jawline where it’s a little bit deeper, a little bit stronger. While that’s a great product for that because it’s thick and it’s strong, probably the same reason it’s not a good product for the lips.
Katie Jae: Right, right. Can you imagine?
Dr. Franco: Everything has its place. And I think Katie Jae mentioned it a little bit earlier that she does something, you know, around every four months for her lips. And I think it’s a great point in that, you know, those products, a lot of on the Juvederm stuff tend to last six to nine months, but in the lips, everything tends to go a little bit faster in my experience. Is that what you have seen in your practice?
Gilberto: A hundred-thousand percent. I mean, there’s so much animation in the lips from drinking, eating, speaking that, you know, your body kind of starts to metabolize or break down the product a lot faster.
Travis: You talked about having it done every four months.
Katie Jae: Yeah.
Travis: How far out do you need to do that before an event or before something?
Katie Jae: Oh, I can speak to that.
Travis: Like, can you have your lips injected and then plan to look normal that night?
Katie Jae: I have a story. This is gonna be good. I can actually speak to that if you guys want, but I would tell anybody at least two weeks, if not three, depending on what the event is because there is no such thing as going in to get an injection and saying, “Yup, you’ll be bruise-free.” It’s a needle going into the most vascular portion of your face. Could you bruise? Yes. Could you get a hematoma like I got one time? That was the scariest thing. I did it five days before Christmas. I’m like, “I’ve never bruised before. I’m gonna do this.”
Dr. Franco: The fact that you say you never bruised before was [inaudible 00:28:04] right there.
Katie Jae: Yeah, that was right there. I was like, “I got this. It’s gonna be fine.” Boom, black. the blackest lip you could ever have and by the most experienced, amazing injector. And you can never, ever guarantee someone. And, I’ll tell you what, I did everything wrong as a patient. That night I’d had Advil, I’d had wine, and, of course, I went in and, boom, I got a bruise and that happened. So now, rule of thumb for me, I tell anyone give yourself at least two, if not three weeks, depending on how you heal and…
Dr. Franco: And plan early. Like, I have people who wanna get lip just only done before a wedding or something. Typically, not the best time to do something for the first time. Get something early, plan ahead of time. Plus, if you need to do some of the stretching and shaping stuff, it gives your injector a little bit of time to get you to a good spot. Because lips are gonna swell no matter what. You know, there are some products like Versa and some of these that their claim to fame is a little bit less swelling than maybe others, but you’re always gonna have some swelling. There’s always some risk of bruising. I think it’s super important. Can we talk a little bit about lip anesthesia and how we do this? Because of the injectables, lips tend to probably be the most sensitive of the injectables that I do. Any comments?
Travis: Yeah. I know you guys probably all use the Pro-Nox in the office. It’s a great tool, a Nitrous that patients are able to breathe and works quickly, reduce anxiety. Also, you can do a dental block on those patients, which is just basically injecting somewhat what you’ve had done at the dentist if you’ve ever had novocaine or lidocaine injected at the dentist’s office right around your teeth in the top.
Dr. Franco: And we do numbing cream, so we do kind of a special pharmacy compound [crosstalk 00:29:42.197] of different numbing agents that we put topically on. And, honestly, most people get a combination of that in our office. Most commonly for lip augmentation, they’ll get a combination of the numbing cream and the Pro-Nox stuff. I’m always plus or minus about the dental blocks because it does create some swelling that sometimes makes it a little hard. It’s still a different stick so you’re still kind of trading one for the other. So, definitely, if some people have anxiety, some people want it, then we’ll do it, but the nice thing is that there’s options.
Travis: Absolutely.
Katie Jae: Yeah. And people should know that fillers now already have numbing kind of attached to them, so once you get that first… But, I’m gonna be honest, I use no numbing cream. I don’t like it. So, I don’t wanna be numb, so I just feel it all. But once you get injected, all of a sudden, it starts numbing immediately on the inside, so you don’t really feel it anymore anyway, so that’s a good thing to know, too.
Dr. Franco: I think people that have never been in the old days without the numbing mixed into the injectables don’t even know, like, you know, how leaps and bounds this has become better.
Katie Jae: This has, like…yeah. It’s become so much better, yeah. I used to do no numbing back in the old day, too. It’s just like, “Put it in me. It’s fine.”
Dr. Franco: We’ve talked a little bit about fillers and Botox, but, a lot of times, we’ll use these in combination for lip augmentation. I know that some people do, like, lip flips in combination with the injectable and the filler stuff. Can you touch base on any of that for us?
Gilberto: I mean, most certainly be using combination. I think it all depends on what you and the patient have discussed, like, what are you trying to achieve, you know? If they want, you know, a little bit more of a profound lip flip, then you most certainly should be incorporating a little bit of Botox into that treatment, you know?
Dr. Franco: And I think for people who don’t understand what a lip flip is, it’s basically, again, trying to get more of that red showing, so we’re just playing with the muscles in different ways. So, you know, you can see we are attacking in different ways. So we’re doing the pillars with the filler to get it to stand up. With the lip flip, we’re trying to relax certain muscles to let the lip rotate back out. It’s almost a fine balance in lips. It’s not like other areas of the body where you can be a little bit more aggressive. Because a lot of those motions we’re making on a daily basis, and when we stop the ability to make them, even though we don’t want the lines that they’re making, it’s gonna feel a little funny. And we don’t wanna change people’s smile, we don’t wanna make them feel funny. A lot of times, in my patients, if we’re doing lip filler or mouth Botox, we’ll tend to start really low and then work our way up because it sometimes could throw people off if they feel too funny to start off with.
Gilberto: Yeah, yeah.
Katie Jae: Yeah, absolutely. I would agree with that.
Dr. Franco: I think we’ve touched a bunch on lip augmentation. G-Berto, anything you wanna sum up for us on the world of luscious lip augmentation?
Gilberto: Just, you know, there’s options, there’s choices. You have so many different things that you can do, and I think just going to the right person and, you know, talking to them and letting them know what it is that you’re wanting out of this whole, you know, process and procedure is ultimately gonna give you the best result.
Katie Jae: Right.
Dr. Franco: That’s incredible.
Megan: [crosstalk 00:32:33.045] shark.
Travis: Shark mentality.
Megan: Shark mentality.
Gilberto: Am I on shark mode?
Dr. Franco: You have taken over the shark mode. I like this. Well, I think we’re doing a little thing called “Fact or Fiction.” And we’ve been a little skimpy on this as we’ve had some guests in recent episodes, so I think we’ll go back around the room here and see what we got here. And so let’s mix it up a little bit. Megan, and those of you who’ve listened to previous episodes, you may already know the answers to these, but fact or fiction, you stood me up at 8 in the morning because you decided to hit up West 6th Street.
Megan: Well, can I…?
Dr. Franco: Fact or fiction?
Megan: Fiction because it was 7 in the morning.
Gilberto: She’s gonna get up on a technicality there.
Megan: It was a 7 a.m. appointment, so…
Katie Jae: That’s hard to make when you’ve been out on 6th.
Megan: On a Saturday morning.
Katie Jae: Oh, no. I wouldn’t even do that to myself. Can’t do it.
Dr. Franco: Katie Jae, fact or fiction, you just joined the most famous plastic surgeon in Austin’s office as their new head aesthetician.
Katie Jae: I did, fact. That’s, like, the best fact of my life right now. I’m so excited.
Man: Congratulations.
Katie Jae: Thank you. Yeah, a boom.
Dr. Franco: Travis Osborne, fact or fiction that your Instagram has grown exponentially over the last week.
Travis: Exponentially, yes.
Katie Jae: Wow.
Dr. Franco: Can you maybe let people know about this exponential growth?
Travis: Yeah. I think I started the week with, like, 17 followers. I now have, like, 70 followers.
Katie Jae: Wow, that’s big. That’s huge.
Dr. Franco: And you’ve also now posted a picture on your Instagram?
Travis: I have one picture up right now. Maybe by the end of this episode, maybe when we’re done today, I’ll put number two up.
Megan: Can you plug what your Instagram is so we can follow you?
Travis: Yeah. It is @celebrityanesthesia, all one word.
Katie Jae: Wow. I love it. Okay.
Travis: Hopefully, here over the next couple of weeks, I’ll start throwing in some stuff about anesthesia. We’ll talk about, like, cases during the week. Maybe when I’m with Franco this week or next week, we’ll talk about what we’re gonna do anesthesia-wise and all that good stuff.
Megan: Very excited.
Dr. Franco: @celebrityanesthesia?
Katie Jae: @katie_jae_beauty.
Megan: @meganparken.
Gilberto: Blue check.
Dr. Franco: Also known as Just Megan.
Gilberto: @austinplus… @austin…
Dr. Franco: @austinplasticsurgeon? Why, thank you, Gilbert. We even have the same Instagram. [crosstalk 00:34:48.789] That is amazing.
Megan: You have a joint Instagram account.
Gilberto: I’m just trying to ride on your coattails [inaudible 00:34:53] @austinaestheticpa.
Dr. Franco: That’s incredible. And then I’ll do a little fact or fiction for myself since none of you guys have brought it up.
Gilberto: Wait, I had one for you.
Dr. Franco: Oh, you do have one?
Gilberto: Yeah, yeah. Fact or fiction, you are gonna be moving into a new office.
Dr. Franco: That was actually gonna be my own. It is a fact. After about a year and a half of working, we’ve actually signed on for our new building. And, hopefully, by the end of May, we’ll be in a new office, so we’ll be sending that out so people don’t go to the wrong location. But I’m ecstatic about it, and so thank you for bringing it up.
Gilberto: Will there be an opening party or anything to come?
Dr. Franco: I think so.
Megan: Oh, there’s gonna be a party.
Dr. Franco: I think there will be a little something-something, so more details will come, for sure.
Megan: There’s definitely gonna be a party. All the parties.
Dr. Franco: So, can we do a little…? Let’s do a little Behind the Bovie. G-Berto, I don’t think you’ve done one in a while. Give us a little behind-the-scenes tips of lip augmentation, something people wouldn’t know.
Gilberto: Let’s see. Some of the things I had wanted to talk about, we kind of touched on, but I would say that lip filler is probably one of the most popular procedures in my practice. And one thing that patients may not know about that is that the product itself is made from something that our body makes naturally called hyaluronic acid. And, essentially, what we’re doing with lip augmentation is we’re adding more volume to the lip, but it’s not like a foreign object that the body is not used to.
Dr. Franco: Okay. I think people like the idea that it’s something that they can really do…
Gilberto: Your body produces naturally.
Katie Jae: Natural.
Megan: Yeah. That’s interesting.
Dr. Franco: Let’s do a little something here. Celebrity Anesthesia typically does our quote of the day. There’s been a few challenges, so we’re actually gonna have a little something called a “quote off.” So why don’t we let the reigning…and I don’t even know if I can say “reigning,” but let’s say the originator of quote of the day go first.
Travis: The OG quote of the day. This is from a Stoic philosopher, Epictetus, and he said, “Just keep in mind, the more we value things outside our control, the less control we have.”
Dr. Franco: Oh, you brought the thunder a little bit.
Katie Jae: Wow. Let’s think about that for just a second.
Travis: Yeah.
Katie Jae: Repeat that. That was good.
Travis: The more that you value things outside of your control, the less control you have.
Dr. Franco: Okay. I like it. We’ll let that sit for a little bit.
Travis: Let it marinate, let it marinate.
Dr. Franco: Katie Jae, let’s see what you got.
Katie Jae: Okay. Again, my stuff is always gonna be about the heart and inside beauty. So, let’s just be real, that’s my brand. Okay, here we go. “When you see something beautiful in someone, tell them. It may take seconds to say, but for them, it could last a lifetime.”
Dr. Franco: Damn.
Travis: Heartstrings.
Katie Jae: Heartstrings.
Gilberto: That’s like when you call me the Most Beautiful Man.
Katie Jae: But how has…?
Gilberto: Only takes a few seconds, but I feel it forever.
Katie Jae: But this is a real thing because I think in social media today, we can discuss the fact that so many people are quick to tear somebody down, or say something really horrible, or be a bully, and that just hurts. Or even if you misunderstand something and think someone has said something about you negatively, it can literally ruin your day, week, change the way you feel about yourself. And I don’t think there’s enough positivity and kindness that goes around, and there are so many times I see someone, I’m like, “Oh, my God, you’re so beautiful. You have the most beautiful hair.” These are the true things I’m saying to her right now. But when you see somebody that’s beautiful or they’ve got a good heart or something great, talk about it. I think that’s so important, and people are lost on that today, and it’s really important.
Travis: We don’t celebrate the positives enough. It’s all about the negative.
Dr. Franco: Damn. We’ve had two really strong quotes here. No pressure, G-Berto, but let’s see what you got.
Gilberto: So I’ve got a quote from Thomas Jefferson and it says, “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.”
Dr. Franco: I like that.
Katie Jae: Hey, shark, I like that.
Dr. Franco: I like that.
Katie Jae: It’s the shark tank.
Dr. Franco: I think that’s so important because some people say, “Oh, you know, that person has all the luck,” but we create our own luck. If you don’t create opportunities, if you’re not out there meeting people, if you’re not out there doing things, luck ain’t ever gonna happen to you. G-Berto, the shark has come [inaudible 00:39:19]
Katie Jae: G-Berto, that’s a good one. [crosstalk 00:39:20.994]
Megan: Well, we’ll let the audience decide and they could vote right in. Hit us up. Who won?
Dr. Franco: Hit us up on the DM, let us know. I think a couple of things just so you guys know, we’re gonna try to do a little more of lead-ups to these because we’ve gotten people on our Instagram Live trying to ask questions. So I think what we’ll do is leading up to the episodes, we’re gonna do some preemptives and maybe let people send some questions in ahead of time that we can answer on the show.
Megan: That’s awesome. I think that’s fun.
Gilberto: And, hopefully, we can do a little AMA, a little audience interaction, get some questions from you guys. I’d love to answer them.
Katie Jae: Yeah.
Dr. Franco: I think that would be great. We’re also going to have some more fun episodes with integrating all of those things. So I wanna appreciate everybody for coming out. I wanna appreciate all of you for listening. I want to push you guys, please, if you guys love it, download us on iTunes, watch us on YouTube, wherever you get your podcasts, wherever you watch your videos. I also want to thank Tall Gamer back there who’s, I think, helping us every now and then, who knows?
Megan: All the time, all the time. You’re welcome.
Dr. Franco: And, again, thank you guys for listening to the number one podcast by our team here. Thank you, guys. See you.
Megan: Bye.
Travis: Bye.
Gilberto: See you.

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