Episode 10: Jawline is the New Lips

Special Guest: Gossip Greg
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Special Guest: Megan Parken

Dr. Franco: Welcome back, team, to Plastic Surgery Untold. I’m Dr. Johnny Franco, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, also known as Austin Plastic Surgeon. We have an exciting topic today, we’re gonna be talking jawline augmentation. And so we actually have a celebrity special guest that I’m super excited about. I’m not gonna lie. I’m a little nervous because I feel a lot of pressure to stay up to his standard. But we’ve got the famous and the infamous, Gossip Greg.
Greg: Yes, hi.
Dr. Franco: So many of you probably already know Gossip Greg. He’s on “96.7” and they can listen to you Monday through Fridays every morning. And Sundays?
Greg: No, not Sundays anymore. Just Monday through Friday, 6:00 to 10:00 on the “Billy the Kid Show.”
Dr. Franco: And can also follow you at gossip_greg?
Greg: On Instagram, yes.
Dr. Franco: And you post a lot of fun stuff there.
Greg: Oh, yeah, I have a lot of fun.
Dr. Franco: I like to keep tabs on you a little bit.
Greg: Sometimes a little too much fun on the weekends. But Austin is so much fun.
Dr. Franco: A hundred percent. And then we’ve got our usual suspects. So we’ve aka formally most eligible bachelor in Austin, one Gilberto Saenz. And we’ll jump into where he is with that now. We’ve got Megan Blue Checkmark Parken as well. Also for those of you following, just known as Meghan. And Celebrity Husband who…we’re going back to Celebrity Husband because you’ve been doing a lot of nursing care lately.
Travis:: I have. Yeah, wife laid up at the house, broken leg. We’re going through rehab and all that good stuff.
Dr. Franco: You wanna catch us up where that is? Let’s jump into your life.
Travis:: Yeah, she had surgery a few weeks ago. She’s…
Dr. Franco: Travis: said he didn’t get enough airtime on the last podcast, so we’re gonna kick it off here.
Man: No, yeah, so wife’s better doing at Your Trendy Therapist. You can watch her entire recovery.
Dr. Franco: You are 100%. She gets a plug every time. And Megan off camera said, “Why does Mary get a plug every time on our cast?”
Megan: I never said that.
Dr. Franco: And I was like, “Megan, I don’t know. Maybe we need to have a producer meeting.” So we’ll table that to Producer Don, who feels like he’s left out anyway. But at Your Trendy Therapist, she’s great, she’s fabulous. Go ahead. Continue.
Travis:: She’s doing better. Leg’s slowly getting better. She’s doing physical therapy and stuff. For those of you that missed the last episode or haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, she broke her leg skiing, had surgery. And now we’re doing some rehab. So yeah, I’ve been doing my anesthesia duties at work and then nursing at home. It’s been fun.
Dr. Franco: Damn. And so you’ve actually stayed in town.
Travis:: I have.
Dr. Franco: And maybe that’s the only reason why we’re able to do this podcast today is because of Mary’s unfortunate accident.
Travis:: That’s very true.
Dr. Franco: I mean there’s so many things I wanna say, but none of it would come across well. So I hope she’s doing well.
Travis:: We actually had to cancel our trip last minute to Long Beach a couple weeks ago. We were supposed to go out there for a music festival. We missed that but we’ll make the next one. So it’s all good.
Dr. Franco: Meghan, what’s going on with you? Last time we talked, you were supposed to bringing us some of your new designer jeans. As you can tell, I still don’t have them on. I do have pants on, but I don’t have your jeans on.
Megan: Yeah, so I’ve been working in the store and then I’ve also just been focusing on the law of attraction. Manifesting what I want into my life. And recently, I’ve been wanting to go on a tropical vacation and about…
Dr. Franco: The law of attraction of in terms of like… Because last time we talked about your love life, you said it was complicated.
Megan: Right.
Dr. Franco: And for being the relationship dating expert, to say that your love life is complicated, is a little ironic.
Megan: I mean I think I’m just complicated. So I mean…but…
[crosstalk 00:03:30]
Greg: That’s why I’m single. So I don’t need your help.
Dr. Franco: So are you still complicated? Are you single? Are you married? Are you engaged? What’s going on? Can we see those hands? Yeah, okay, good.
Megan: Yeah, I would say I’m single. But I’m traveling a lot. So back to my point before you started asking about the relationship stuff, I actually…I feel like I manifested a vacation into my life, but I got an email a few days ago to work with a really big brand. They’re gonna take me out to the Bahamas. And so I’m in like swimsuit prep mode. Because I gotta do a bunch of posts for them and stuff. So I’m excited for that.
Man: That’s super cool.
Megan: Yeah, it’s gonna be fun. And I guess second big trip of the year, so I’m excited for…
Dr. Franco: So maybe you need to come see Gilberto. Maybe we need to do a little freshening up for you and we can talk about that on the next cast. Maybe a little oxygen facial, and maybe a little Botox. And maybe a little jawline filler before your big trip. I mean well…
Megan: I don’t think…I mean last time we talked a little bit about how I don’t go out a lot. And I actually had an appointment with you at 7:00 a.m. that I didn’t.
Dr. Franco: I do remember this.
Megan: So I went out in Austin, which is rare for me. I don’t go out a lot. I was excited. I had a 7:00 a.m. appointment the next day. I was like, okay, I’m gonna be there, you know. I’ll probably stay awake all night, but I’ll be there. I literally texted you at 11:00 a.m. and I was like, “I am so sorry. I literally just woke up.” I’ve never done that before and I just didn’t wake up. And I was like, I don’t know how that happened but I just literally did not wake up.
Man: So I have late afternoon hours, by the way. I have late afternoon hours.
Man: For those guys that keep up with the podcast, Megan is notorious for not waking up before 10:00 a.m.
Dr. Franco: No, but her New Year’s resolution was that she was gonna be up by 10:00 a.m. every day. Every day, Greg, every day.
Megan: And I was here on time. I was here today on time.
Man: I wish I could sleep in.
Man: You were.
Megan: Yeah, I’ve been on time to all of these meetings.
Man: You have, yeah.
Megan: But I felt really bad. I overslept that appointment. Just completely didn’t even wake up. I don’t know what happened, but I had a good night the night before I guess, but the next day…
Dr. Franco: We should have gone back to your store and we could have helped retraced these steps. And what about you, Gilberto, where’s the love life? Because I know you were taking it slow but I feel like this has gone on months. At some point, we gotta get out of first gear. I was told I can’t say bases.
Gilberto: No bases, now we’re into gears. Things are good. No, things are really, really good. We’re just hanging out a lot. She’s actually got a birthday coming up.
Dr. Franco: That’s a lot of pressure.
Gilberto: Yeah, it’s a big one too.
Dr. Franco: What year is this? Can you say? Twenty? Eighteen? Big twenty-one? Is this her 21st birthday?
Greg: If this is her 21st birthday, I have so many things to say to you right now?
Gilberto: No, it’s her 30th. Yeah, so it’s a big one.
Man: That’s a big one.
Gilberto: Yeah, so I gotta do it right.
Dr. Franco: She barely meets the half your age plus seven, though. I mean I’m not gonna say your age on here, but if we do the math… Is that still a rule? Is that not a thing?
Megan: I don’t think that’s a rule anymore.
Dr. Franco: Half your age plus seven is kind of the youngest you can date.
Man: I don’t really know.
Dr. Franco: Because I’m 40. So it’ll be 20 plus seven, 27.
Megan: I think it’s just 18.
[crosstalk 00:06:34]
Megan: Maybe 21 because you can go to a bar.
[crosstalk 00:06:40]
Dr. Franco: But look at Megan. Megan is 22. So 18 makes more sense. When you’re 52, I don’t know if 18 is okay. Because that’s just a third of your age.
Gilberto: For the record, I’m not 52.
Megan: Yeah, you need to be able to go out.
Dr. Franco: Can we maybe… Because on the last episode, we were gonna start hunt for Austin’s new most eligible bachelor. And can I put a nomination out on the table?
Man: Please, please.
Dr. Franco: Gossip Greg. Austin’s most eligible bachelor.
Man: I like it.
Dr. Franco: I’m not gonna say that I listen to you guys every day on the radio, but I may have heard you on the radio this week. Was talking that you…
Greg: Got rejected.
Dr. Franco: Oh, I missed that. I only can listen to you guys from 6:00 to 6:30 because by then, I’m at the surgery center. But I hear that you don’t like to put your love interest out there, because those little haters will try and swoop in and be like, “Damn, oh…”
Greg: Yes, we did talk about that.
Megan: And we talked about this on the social media episode.
Dr. Franco: We did. But I didn’t realize that that’s a thing that you can’t say that you’re interested. Because especially someone like you who shares a lot of your life out there, then all of a sudden, everybody’s like, “Oh, now I’m interested because Greg’s interested.”
Greg: Yeah, exactly. I had a friend actually that I met here in Austin, and we were really cool. And then I was like, “Yeah, I’m interested in this person.” And sure enough, they went towards that person and it was like a competition kind of guy of who can get this person first. And I was like, “This is weird. And I cannot hang out with you anymore.” I definitely dropped him.
Dr. Franco: That brings a little bit of roku [SP] there. I mean you can’t just swoop in like that.
Greg: I know. It was so weird. And I was like, I can’t hang out with people like this, and it’s not the first time that’s happened.
Dr. Franco: Why do people do that? I don’t understand.
Greg: I don’t know. It’s like a competition kind of thing, and I don’t have time for that.
Dr. Franco: How do you feel about the most eligible bachelor in Austin nomination here?
Greg: I’m down.
Dr. Franco: Yeah?
Greg: Yeah.
Man: Can we find Greg love?
Dr. Franco: I like this.
Man: Spinoff podcast.
Greg: I’m really picky.
Dr. Franco: For all the people listening out there, could you throw out some things that you… What are like, musts and what are some, like, you know, [inaudible 00:08:59] here?
Greg: I don’t want to be the one that takes care of you, basically.
Dr. Franco: So you don’t want no sugar baby.
Man: You don’t wanna be a sugar daddy?
Greg: No, but I also am not looking for a sugar daddy.
Dr. Franco: Can we say sugar daddy on the cast?
Greg: I mean it wouldn’t hurt. But I’m also not looking to get taken care of, because I can do that myself, kind of thing. Yeah, just somebody to have fun with and travel and get along with my friends and intermingle friends. That’s so much.
Dr. Franco: And give me three deal breakers so we don’t waste your time.
Greg: I like to hang out with my friends. So you’re gonna need to get along with all of my friends. And I don’t want somebody that’s gonna be like, “I don’t wanna do this this weekend. I’m much rather…” I’m not the kind of person that wants to break away from my friends if I’m in a relationship, because that is literally the worst thing when I have friends that get in relationships and then they drop their friends because they’re in a relationship. So I never want to be that kind of person in a relationship. So that’s definitely a deal breaker for me.
Man: Or completely change. I think that’s wild. You’re one person with all your buddies, and then all of a sudden you’ve got your girlfriend or boyfriend with you, and then you’re a totally different person. Wait a second. That’s a recipe for disaster.
Greg: I know. It’s so annoying. Yeah, for real, and that’s how you lose friends. I mean I’ve lost a lot of friends that way. People will get in relationships and drop their friends, and that’s the worst. So that’s definitely a deal breaker. You gotta get along with my friends, and let’s all be friends.
Dr. Franco: Okay. So you bring them out on the first date, kind of see how it meshes, is that what’s going on?
Greg: Yeah, yeah, I love a good group setting at first.
Dr. Franco: Because Gilbert’s a fan of the Netflix and chill at home. And Meghan has criticized him a little bit for the Hulu and hangout, the Disney and thrust. He’s just like…he said that he needs to branch out a little before.
Greg. I’ve never heard that one before.
Dr. Franco: Well yeah, Gilbert, before he became a taken man, actually he tried to use some alternative methods for dating. He said Craigslist was his favorite dating site, which I had never heard before.
Greg: Which one? Craigslist?
Gilberto: Oh, Craigslist, yeah. Not anymore.
Greg: Did it work?
Man: He’s a changed man.
Dr. Franco: He definitely is a changed man after that.
Megan: Were you buying some furniture and having a date at the same time?
Greg: They have a connection section.
Gilberto: Things got super weird.
Dr. Franco: Before this spirals completely out of control, maybe we’ll jump into a little bit of a jawline augmentation, a little jawline filler. And I think Gee Berto [SP] is gonna give us a little intro on what they actually is, and then I think the rest of us got a bunch of questions for you.
Gilberto: Yeah, so jawline augmentation, jawline filler, is essentially a procedure where we use some of the fillers we’ve talked about in previous episodes to essentially just make the jawline a little bit more defined, a little bit more chiseled looking. Which ultimately, that’s what most people find attractive. Right? And so for those people that have kind of like a softer, contour to their face, we can actually change that by using some of these HA fillers or calcium based type fillers to kinda just give that more defined and chiseled look.
Dr. Franco: Where do you think this whole jawline augmentation came about? Because I honestly feel like over the last, even just two years, this came out of the woodwork. It came from an occasional chin filler this or that, to it is the number one filler procedure I do in my practice.
Gilberto: Yeah, I remember you telling me.
Dr. Franco: And not even close. And it has blown. So blue checkmark can…
Megan: Yeah, I would say I think I know. I think obviously just Instagram, Snapchat filters, all that kind of stuff on…
Greg: I agree with that.
Megan: Because when you’re taking photos of your own face, you can really see that. And I also think that people thinking they have a good side. A lot of people’s faces aren’t completely symmetrical. So one side that maybe has a bit of a stronger contour is your good side, the side you like to be photographed from.
Dr. Franco: Did we put you on the opposite of your good side?
Greg: Yeah, this is my good side.
Megan: Everyone has a good side.
[crosstalk 00:13:19]
Man: Do we need to switch places, Greg?
Megan: Yeah, everyone has a good side. And I think, again, when you’re taking selfies or you’re filming yourself or whatever you’re doing, like, you’re seeing your face so often where I think that has really contributed to people interested in jaw filler and the way that can enhance.
Man: I agree.
Gilberto: I never really thought about and put two and two together. But we live in selfie world, everybody’s taking selfies 24/7. You’re not used to seeing your face up close and personal all the time. That’s crazy.
Man: Oh, you are.
Dr. Franco: And I feel like jaw augmentation of all the fillers that I use, is probably one of the ones that is the closest, with an equal ration of men and women. And a lot of the times, that’s what people said the beard kind of this half beard so popular, it gives the illusion of a nice chiseled jaw stuff. So that…
[crosstalk 00:14:07]
Man: That’s why I have a beard.
Man: We have a matching beards for those of you that are listening.
Dr. Franco: But just interesting that it’s equally popular in men and women, which is not true for as many of the other fillers. Botox definitely gone popular, but for a filler, the jawline has really become popular in both men and women. We also use it sometimes for chin augmentation. Because sometimes people kind of a little bit of a recessed chin. It’s definitely decreased the number of chin implants that I do in my practice. Because people can get a little bit of fill without going through full surgery. And while the surgery is not hugely invasive, if you have the option for coming in for 15 or 20 minutes, getting your chin fixed and then leaving, I think a lot of people do that. It’s a no-brainer.
Greg: Yeah, you get that difference right away.
[crosstalk 00:14:52]
Dr. Franco: Right away, and you can go to dinner that night and show it off, which is absolutely amazing. What about some of the…how do you decide what people need or products you use? Can we walk through this a little bit? Because it’s a little confusing to people, what the process actually entails.
Gilberto: Yeah, I mean it’s simply a matter of just having a really good detailed consultation with the patient, just trying to find out what their goals are, what they’re trying to achieve. I’ll always hand them a mirror, ask them…you know, tell me what you think about your jawline? What is it that you like? What is it that you don’t like? Where we kind of improve the appearance of it for you? And really just listening to them and trying to figure out what they’re trying to achieve, is probably the primary goal in my consultations anyway. I don’t know if you can attest to that.
Dr. Franco: They usually bring me a picture, they go, “Here you go, boom, boom, boom, let’s do this.” But you’re a very thorough man. I like that. I like that. But to the point earlier, the selfie stuff has made a big difference in my practice, because most of the time, they bring a picture of either someone they like, or a jawline they like, or something. And then that’s where we have to have the talk about, “Hey, I can do that,” or, “No, I can’t.” If somebody’s got a big old neck like me, and sometimes it’s a little hard to give them that right angle.
Greg: I think I showed you Sean Mendez [SP].
Dr. Franco: I think you did. I think you did.
Greg: I was like, I want his jawline.
[crosstalk 00:16:07]
Megan: And is this something that will completely change the shape of your face? Or is something you have to layer with filler over time to get a more dramatic effect? Or how does all that work?
Gilberto: I think the goal is not to change anyone’s facial structure or anything, or make them look any different. Just make them look like a better version of themselves. Just highlight those areas where they felt like maybe they needed a little bit of definition or wanted a little bit more contouring or something. And I think just improving their version of themselves, just like a better version.
Dr. Franco: But I think the thing that’s almost hard for people to sometimes understand is where their starting point is. Because to your point, you’re just enhancing their overall features. And making sure that their wish picture isn’t so far off from when they’re starting. And sometimes there’s more things needed than just a jaw filler to get them to where they want it. Sometimes we have to talk about lifestyle issues, diet and exercise stuff to get some of that down. Sometimes it’s jaw filler, maybe some [inaudible 00:17:09] to do the neck. And so I think that’s where us, as providers, have to do a good job of educating people what they can and can’t get from it. Sometimes it’s a combination of things.
But I’ll tell you one of the things I love about the jaw filler is that it’s one of the few plastic surgery tricks here where you actually volume that makes the face look slimmer. Have you seen that?
Gilberto: Oh, yeah, for sure.
Dr. Franco: And I think a lot of it gives the illusion that your neck looks better in the selfies, because you’re bringing this out and you’re bringing it to almost a right angle. And so instead of having sometimes this little bit of a slope, by adding this volume, you’ve created these right angles that gives us the appearance of tighter, thinner, sharper necks. Which in pictures, our neck is typically what bothers us the most.
Greg: Yeah, I did not have a side profile until I got it to right here.
Dr. Franco: And I know you’ve talked about it. So what made you decide that, hey, I wanna do something for your jaw? Is this something that you thought about for a long time or is it…
Greg: Well I saw it on Instagram constantly. It was like a trend thing. And I was like, wait. What?
Dr. Franco: Why am I missing out?
Greg: I did not have a stack of, I hated side profile pictures. And then when I saw that, I was like, oh my gosh. I gotta get that done. That looks so cool. And once I got it done, it was like, okay, I have to keep this up. How often do you have to get this done?
Dr. Franco: A lot of that depends on the products that you use. I most commonly use a product called RADIESSEA. It’s a calcium filler. I like it because it’s a little bit thicker, a little bit stronger, you know, in terms of safety, it’s nice because we’re injecting right down on the bone. So it’s bone on bone in terms of calcium. And so I like that and that typically lasts about a year. But remember, that’s an average…how much, 50% of the product is gonna last. So a lot of people do it and then in six months, maybe do a little touch up. Because the touch ups are nice in that you don’t ever let yourself completely deflate and then have to redo it. You can kinda keep a nice constant. Also from a pocketbook standpoint, it’s nice to do little touch ups at a time, rather than coming in and spending a lot of money. But there’s all sorts of products that last from six months to two years.
Gilberto: There’s a plethora of different fillers. A lot of them are hyaluronic acid fillers or HA fillers. RADIESSEA, which is a calcium based filler Dr. Franco just talked about. It’s really popular as well. I know in our practice, we tend to gravitate a little bit more towards the HA fillers. But after talking to Johnny about his success with RADIESSEA, it’s certainly something that I wanna incorporate more into my practice, just because he’s had just really impressive results with his patients.
Megan: And is this something you could dissolve if, for some reason, you didn’t like the effect?
Dr. Franco: This is the reason that the HAs are so popular because there is actually an enzyme that just dissolves that. The RADIESSEA, the calcium ones, there isn’t something to dissolve. So typically, we wanna start people out a little bit slower. It’s definitely why we put something a little bit deeper. One of the reasons it’s been so popular for my practice, it tends to be a little bit more cost effective for patients. Because one of the mistakes I made earlier in my career… I’m throwing stuff here. Early in my career, I was undertreating people and they weren’t getting the results they wanted. And a lot of times, we’ve talked about it in other episodes, it’s helping people know like, “Hey, look. If you really wanna get to this Sean Mendez picture, we’re gonna need two or three syringes.” So at least people know.
And it’s just hard afterwards, and you do one, and they’re disappointed. And you’re like, “Oh, well I guess we gotta do more.” And they’re like, “Oh, I wasn’t planning on that.” So trying to help guide people. And that’s the one issue I’ve had with some of the HAs. Volumia [SP] is another great product I like using for a jawline. And that one lasts about a year and a half to two years. But obviously it last longer, it tends to be a little bit pricier. And if you’re getting the two, three syringes, for some people it’s an issue, some people it’s not.
Man: It can add up pretty quick.
Gilberto: I think what you were talking about before lends itself well to thinking about a really good injector. Having somebody that is experienced and has dealt with that stuff in the past. I mean you draw on your pasts experiences and that guides how you practice today. That’s super important.
Dr. Franco: Yeah, and I think especially with the day of social media. Because unfortunately, I think there’s a lot of injectors out there who see something on Instagram, have never trained, have never seen it. And just say, “Hey, this is cool. Why don’t I do it?” And as a consumer, patient, a lot of times, you don’t know. And so I think we’ve talked in the past year about how do you do some education? I think when you see stuff over and over from one provider, when you see pictures of stuff that you like, I think it gives you a good idea. Because then it helps. So you can compare both the Sean Mendez or and a picture from their Instagram or website and be like, “Okay, this person had the transformation that I’m trying to make. This seems like something I’d be happy with.”
Greg: Yeah, for sure. Like when I first got it done, I looked at my before and after picture, I was like… Well actually after I got it done, I saw a total difference. I was like, oh my gosh. This is so cool.
Man: I will say that I saw a lot more selfies on your Instagram account.
Greg: Yeah, I was like, this is awesome. I love it. So now I gotta keep it up.
Dr. Franco: He’s like, “Let me update Tinder.” Would you say that your amount of hits on dating apps went up proportionately to your jawline angle?
Greg: Oh, gosh. I really don’t know. Because I’ve been trying to stay off of dating apps and trying to meet people in person now.
Dr. Franco: So what’s your go-to now? You didn’t like the dating apps? Or what was going on?
Greg: I mean it just really wasn’t working for me. Like, I would run out of swipes. Yeah, it’s a problem when you run out of swipes. And it tells you, oh, in Bumble, that you’re out of [inaudible 00:22:53] in the area. So it’s a problem when you get to that point. But here lately, I’ve been meeting people at bars. So that’s fun.
Dr. Franco: I feel like Austin is really… Not to diverge. That’s one of the things I love about Austin. I live downtown Austin, and this is such a great place where you can just go out and talk to people. There’s not a lot of pressure. I mean sometimes you’re like Meghan, and you just…and that gets away from you. Boom, boom, boom. It’s 7:00 a.m., and you’re going home instead of going to Dr. Franco’s office. You know? You just do what you gotta do. I mean just…
Man: She’s not gonna live that one down.
Greg: I know I can meet a new friend at least every weekend. I mean at least for me, I feel like I meet somebody new every week. So it’s fine.
Megan: I feel like people also are just so excited to be here. I feel like people are on vacation here, bachelor parties. People are in town for whatever.
Dr. Franco: You hit up a lot of bachelor parties?
Megan: Every time I go out, there’s so many bachelor parties.
Dr. Franco: No wonder you didn’t make it to the office.
Megan: But [crosstalk 00:23:46] there’s at least three bachelor parties after.
Dr. Franco: You were just being a good host in Austin. Austin thanks you, Meghan, for making Austin the number one bachelor city in America. Thank you.
Megan: Okay.
Man: Austin is awesome. It’s an area where so many things are happening. We’ve got a huge tech scene, stuff is going on in medicine. We’ve got South by Southwest, we’re the live music capital of the world.
Dr. Franco: There’s a ton of influencers. Like, Mary at Your Trendy Therapist.
[crosstalk 00:24:13]
Travis:: Yeah, I just think Austin’s a cool place. Because we’re in it all the time, 24/7, we don’t get to step back and see how cool of a place this is. When we travel, when I tell people, “Oh, yeah, we live in Austin.” They’re like, “Oh my gosh, Austin is so cool.”
Megan: That’s always their response.
Travis:: Y’all live in San Diego. Why do you think Austin is cool?
Greg: Austin is like the California of Texas. It’s like the L.A. of Texas. That’s what I tell everyone.
Dr. Franco: But more chill. I feel like here, you can go out, if you wanna go in jeans, if you wanna go in a suit, if you wanna go in shorts, it doesn’t matter. People do whatever you wanna do.
Greg: And everybody is so nice here. Nobody judges. It’s just so awesome. I love it here.
Dr. Franco: Number one city in America.
Greg: I know.
Dr. Franco: I mean we may even push to be in the world. But I don’t wanna get greedy. To bring us back to jawline fillers. Let’s talk a little bit about men for a little bit. Because we’ve talked about the angle, and do a lot of women, but some of the areas where I do a decent amount is for chin augmentation. And I think people are worried about the Jay Leno, over the top chin. But a lot of men, sometimes if that chin is just a little, I don’t wanna use the word weak, but a little recessed, in the past, you either had to do these jaw movement surgeries. Which are a lot bigger. There’s jaw, chin implants that we’ve done. But the filler for those people who just need a little something to kind of balance the bottom of their face, which again, could be very concerning to people in selfies and profile stuff, has made a big difference.
Do you do some chin augmentation in your practice?
Gilberto: I do a little bit. I wouldn’t say that it’s one of the more popular procedures that I do. But I do get requests for it, or that little area right adjacent to the chin, which we call the prejowl sulcus. There’s kinda like, in some patients, a little indentation there that I don’t like, so we fill that in just to make everything look nice and sharp and straight and whatnot.
Dr. Franco: Do you think that’s because men are intimidated by your good looks and you don’t see as many of them in your practice?
Gilberto: I don’t look this good every day. I look this good only for the podcast.
[crosstalk 00:26:21]
Dr. Franco: Gossip just rang it in. He said you’re a good looking man every day.
[crosstalk 00:26:32]
Man: I do have a question. If and when men do come in to have stuff done, do they need to be clean shaven? Does that help you as the injector?
Gilberto: I’ll say that I’ve injected me that have no beards, and men that have some scruff. And it is a little easier when the beard is trimmed down pretty short. Just because it makes it easier to kind of visualize that jawline. You can certainly feel it, right? But it makes it a little easier when you have someone who doesn’t have a really heavy beard.
Dr. Franco: I’ll tell you… Go ahead.
Megan: I have a very strange question. It’s not completely on topic, but for both of you, if you were to shave your beards completely, how long would it take for it to grow to that?
Man: I shaved before I got here.
Dr. Franco: Like a day. It doesn’t take me long. No, long at all.
Man: Yeah, just a few days.
Megan: A few days, yeah.
Dr. Franco: But the funny thing is a lot of men will purposely have a hair or beard style to hide something that they’re self-conscious about. So we don’t necessarily make people shave it, because that’s a roadblock for them getting something that they want done. Because a lot of people do a goatee, do some type of beard when they are afraid of this jaw that they don’t like or their chin. Because if you grow that hair out and then you shave, you actually give the illusion that you’ve made that chin. And so what’s absolutely amazing, you see sometimes in before and after pictures if you can get them to come back weeks later, and there’s another surgery where this happens, you’ll see a lot of them will shave afterwards. Because now, they’re not worried about showing this off. And so it’s funny how their whole like outlook and how their own personal grooming habits change because they’re onto something else.
The other place we see this in is with ear surgery. A lot of women will wear their hair really long, guys will wear their long. And then after ear surgery, they’ll get their hair trimmed short.
Man: Ear surgery, what do you mean?
Dr. Franco: Just sometimes people have either ears that either one is bigger than the other, which is more common.
Greg: I feel like mine stick out.
Dr. Franco: If they stick out, what’s called a prominent ear.
Greg: So I could fix this?
Dr. Franco: You can fix this. You just get them to sit back a little bit so you can hide it behind the ear. But a lot of times you’ll see, and this was so true when I was in Miami, they would have long hair. When they’d come for their three-month post-op, universally every single person has changed their haircut. They only had long hair because they wanted to hide it, or they would do this pullback that they would actually tuck their ears in. Pretty amazing, because you know that you’ve made a difference in this person’s life because something they were self-conscious about, they no longer had.
Gilberto: That’s really cool about the guys with beards too. They come back in and now they’re clean shaven or super trimmed beard, because they’ve got that fullness and the angle that they want in their jaw. Not just that softer transition.
Dr. Franco: And this is something that I think people forget about plastic surgery. Like, I feel like some people have this outlook. And it’s definitely gotten better with social media. But this outlook that like, “Oh, people get plastic surgery only because they’re vain, or because this or that.” And I don’t think that sometimes they realize that a small little difference can honestly make a big difference in some people’s outlook, confidence. And look, there’s lots of things we do to make ourselves feel more confident. Sometimes we’ll go buy a shirt before a big meeting or something, just to feel good about it. And look, it a little Botox, if a little jawline, makes them feel better, then do it. Plus you’re doing it for the right reasons.
Megan: What is the pain like for jawline filler?
Gilberto: I would say it’s uncomfortable. I wouldn’t say it’s painful. I don’t know. Greg, you might be able to kind of chime in.
Greg: No, they numb you completely. And I mean if they’re good at what they do, then you don’t really feel it. Dr. Franco’s done mine, and I mean I didn’t even feel it. Like, it was fine.
Megan: Did you feel like you were swollen afterwards or tender or anything?
Greg: The very first time I got it done, I bruised right here. And then but the second time I got it done, I didn’t bruise at all. Like, it was nothing.
Dr. Franco: I feel like jawline is one of the easier injectables in terms of recovery stuff. Lips, people tend to swell and do some more things and it’s hard to hide.
Gilberto: It’s more painful too.
Dr. Franco: Yeah, jawline I think people tend to tolerate well. And we do some numbing cream. There’s also a new thing out there called Pro-Nox that maybe Travis: can talk to a little bit about.
Travis:: Yeah, I mean it’s just an office based nitrous, inhalational mask. You breathe it a couple times, it makes you feel loopy, good. And you’re able to be numbed a little bit. Then you can have the filler injected.
Dr. Franco: I think it’s great when people are just little anxious about it. If you’re good and you’re not anxious, you don’t really need it. But sometimes if people are a little bit more… Because I feel sometimes pain, you get yourself worked up, and you get so anxious thinking about it that you haven’t even had it, and you’re already worked up. And that just helps kinda relax you.
Travis:: I think the [crosstalk 00:31:08] or decreasing the anxiety in those patients is the biggest deal.
Dr. Franco: No question. And it’s just like anything. Sometimes we get ourselves a little worked up ahead of time. Other jawline take-home things that we should…that the people and your fans should know about?
Gilberto: I think one thing that some people don’t recognize or realize is that a male jawline is shaped very differently from a female jawline. And so when you’re augmenting a male versus a female, you have to take those things into consideration. Otherwise, you can masculinize a woman and feminize a man. Yeah, yeah.
Dr. Franco: Can you give a few little nuggets?
Gilberto: In terms of how to go about doing it?
Dr. Franco: Yeah, yeah.
Gilberto: So women’s jawline typically have a little bit more of an obtuse angle. So it’s really a little bit more I guess drawn, like, slanted back. Whereas men have a little bit more of a right angle. So you just have to follow the contour when you’re actually doing that injection, when you’re doing that procedure, to make sure that you are feeling for where the jawline is in order t make sure that you get the best outcome possible for that patient.
Dr. Franco: How long before a big event? Like, if we were gonna go to Travis:‘ baby shower?
Man: Congratulations.
[crosstalk 00:32:33]
Dr. Franco: It would be a puppy shower for puppy number three. If we’re planning for Travis:‘ puppy number three shower, when would you have this done?
Gilberto: I would probably suggest patients get the procedure done at least two weeks before a big event, just in case there is any bruising. It’s, like you said, a really easy procedure to do and really minimal risk. But just for the sake of preventing any bruising or making sure that you get any bruising to clear up, any swollen goes down, I think two weeks is a good time.
Dr. Franco: And how do you personally decide on which product you use? As you mentioned earlier, you tend to use a little bit different products for the procedure than I do. How do you guide them whether to use a Voluma, a Juvaderm [SP] or RADIESSEA? Is it typically just cost based, length based, or is there…what’s going on here?
Gilberto: I think it’s a little bit of everything. Because I think, like we’ve mentioned before, there’s no perfect filler. There’s nothing that’s perfect for across the board, most treatments. So it’s a little bit of everything. It’s making sure that we kind of fit the procedure, in my opinion anyways, into the patient’s budget. And in addition that, using a filler that’s gonna have a little bit more…it’s gonna be a little bit more robust that’s gonna give us that accentuation that we’re looking for in the jawline when we’re injecting it. So those are gonna be typically like your thicker fillers, like you mentioned Voluma. There’s another one by a brand called Reselen [SP] called Lift [SP]. Those have what we call a higher G prime, which means they’re a little bit thicker. They have a little bit more hold and just a better product all the way around.
Dr. Franco: You just wanna put in the word G.
Gilberto: I did, G. G time.
Dr. Franco: But I mean this is almost a little bit of a G op [SP] between you and Gossip. And the formerly most eligible bachelor to the now. Now crowned.
Gilberto: I feel like if I’m gonna pass the crown on to anyone, it should be Greg.
Dr. Franco: Any questions, Greg, Meghan, that you’d like to pepper Gilbert with to try and stop him about jawline augmentation?
Megan: Is there a certain age where you feel like this is really common?
Man: That’s a good question.
Megan: Does it affect people that are a little bit older? Maybe their skin has changed a little bit or how does that work?
Gilberto: That’s an excellent question. I think the younger you are, your skin quality is gonna be a little bit better. Because as we age, our skin gets a little thinner, it gets a little bit more lax. We lose some of the elasticity in it. So I think starting at a younger age, you’re certainly gonna have probably a little bit more of the outcome that you’re looking for, with maybe less product. Whereas if you’re a little older, not that you can’t get a great outcome, it’s just probably gonna take a little bit more product because you really need to kind of lift the tissue and support the tissue underneath the surface of the skin.
Megan: To fill out, right. Interesting.
Dr. Franco: Agree. I think that also too as you get older, there’s problems we have to address. So sometimes to get to that, sometimes people need a neck lift and jawline filler. Sometimes people need to…you know, some cheek filler as well, because you’ve got those jowls.
Gilberto: Other things.
Greg: I’m just trying to stay young.
Dr. Franco: But I think that’s such a great point where doing a little bit when you’re young and kind of marching along, tends to go a long ways, rather than waiting for endlessly. And then being like, “Oh, I wanna look 20 years younger.” And it’s kinda like…
Gilberto: That rejuvenation that we talked about in previous episodes.
Greg: I get so much crap all the time from work, coworkers. Like, “Oh my gosh. You’re so young. You shouldn’t do anything like that.” But I tell them…
Dr. Franco: Not from Billy and Ann.
Greg: Yes. And I’m like, “Look, it’s preventative, you guys.” Right? It’s preventative.
Dr. Franco: Yeah, you don’t wanna get into that spot where you’re like, you got lines, you’ve got craters, you’ve got canyons. You know?
Greg: See, and so that’s why I get Botox. And I’ve been getting Botox since I was like 24.
Dr. Franco: And it prevents headaches.
Greg: And it prevents headaches and it’s preventative.
Gilberto: You’re being proactive, not reactive.
Greg: Yes, thank you.
Dr. Franco: Gberto [SP], anything you’d like to wrap up, take home about jawline filler that you can help us with before we give Greg a little fact or fiction? Which I’m hoping you’re gonna help me pepper him a little bit with.
Greg: I’m scared.
Gilberto: I kinda wanna just maybe just reiterate something you said earlier is that it’s really, really interesting that with jawline filler, you’re adding product to the face to actually make the face look slimmer. So I mean that was a great that you made earlier. I just wanted to reiterate that because I feel like it’s a solid point.
Dr. Franco: Would you say that the jawline is the new lips?
Gilberto: I would say that you say the jawline is the new lips.
Dr. Franco: Meghan, is this a thing on…
Megan: I would say, honestly. Yeah. I think I mean obviously still a big thing, but I think people are kind of moving more towards jaw. Definitely. And some people have kind of gotten off of lips a little bit more too. So I think jaw…
Dr. Franco: Is that because Kiley [SP] dissolved hers?
Megan: I don’t know. I don’t know.
Man: Did she dissolve hers?
Greg: I feel like she still has some. They’re good.
[crosstalk 00:37:32]
Dr. Franco: Am I more in the know of the [inaudible 00:37:37]?
Megan: Maybe you are. There have been some people that have dissolved them recently though. Quite a few social media people.
Dr. Franco: Interesting. Okay, that’s interesting. Cool. I think that’s covered pretty well our jawline augmentation. And maybe now, we’ll get back to a few of the fun segments that we do here. Maybe a little fact or fiction, is typically something we go around the room and you can just answer fact or fiction in terms of questions. And usually when we have a guest, we like to pepper you with some uncomfortable questions.
Greg: Oh, blessed. Okay. Okay.
Dr. Franco: Fact or fiction, you’re one of Austin’s hottest new radio stars?
Greg: Fact.
Dr. Franco: I think I would agree. Fact or fiction, before you got to Austin, you actually finagled your way into the radio scene at a sandwich shop?
Greg: Oh, fact.
Dr. Franco: Can you give us this story?
Greg: Yes. And it’s so funny you mentioned this because this happens seven years ago, like, Friday. I got a Facebook notification. It was like, you know how you can get, like, on this day? Well seven years ago this happened. I was actually on my lunch break. I was working at a car dealership. I was like their service coordinator and I was also in school. So it was the perfect job. You can do your homework and cash people out at the service desk. I was on my lunch break and I was at Firehouse Subs and I ran into my favorite morning show that I listen to all the time. So I was a listener. And I was like fan-girling over them. I was like, “Oh my gosh. I listen to y’all all the time.” And I was like, “This is so weird. This happens all the time to me now.” It’s so weird. But I was like, “I’m listening all the time. You are so awesome. Can I get a picture?” Blah, blah, blah.
Well I ended up having lunch with them because they were so cool. And they were like, “Have lunch with us.” And I was like, “Okay.” So ended up having lunch with them, and a week later, I was on the radio.
Man: No way. That’s wild. Was that here in Austin?
Greg: No, it was actually in Mobile, Alabama, where I’m from. And so yeah, I was an intern. And then two years passed, and I was still an intern on their morning show. And that’s where my name came from, Gossip Greg. And I was Intern Greg for like six months. They were like, “This guy, he gossips a lot. He needs to be Gossip Greg.”
Dr. Franco: And Intern Greg ain’t go anywhere.
Greg: So yeah, so that’s how I got started in radio.
Dr. Franco: You were saying, it sounds like you’ve become so popular here, that people come up to you all the time now.
Greg: I mean I wouldn’t say I’m like super popular or anything. But…
Dr. Franco: Fact or fiction? You do the sunglasses and hat so people don’t recognize you when you’re out?
Greg: No. I don’t do that. I was at the Domain yesterday though, and that was a pretty bopping place. Like, everybody…I had at least eight people come up to me and that was weird. Because I wasn’t used to that here.
Dr. Franco: Do you feel like…
Greg: I feel like they knew who my dogs were before they knew who I was.
Dr. Franco: So you and Travis: have a lot in common.
Greg: Yeah, my dogs are pretty popular apparently.
Dr. Franco: But do you feel like you’ve made it when that many people come up to you? Because I don’t even know that eight people in a day come up Meghan Blue Checkmark Parken and wanna take a picture with her in a single day.
Greg: Awe. I’m sure that happens to you all the time. I follow you on Instagram. I love it.
Megan: I think for mine, like, a lot of times it’s interesting when you can tell someone’s looking at you but they don’t say anything. That’s more of the interesting.
Greg: And it’s kind of awkward.
Dr. Franco: What does that mean?
Megan: Like people are staring at you and you know that you’re trying to figure out if they should say something?
Dr. Franco: Are you talking about on Instagram or in real life?
Megan: In real life, yeah. I think for… I mean as it depends. But as I’ve gotten older, I think my viewers have gotten older. And I think maybe coming up for pictures, people do it a little less.
Dr. Franco: You mean 20?
Megan: Yeah, but I’ve been doing this since I was literally like 13. So when I was that age, I’d be at the mall and girls would come up and wanna take pictures, selfies.
Dr. Franco: Yeah, I hate it when that happens to me.
Greg: Do you say anything? Because sometimes whenever I notice somebody looking, I smile.
Megan: I smile.
Greg: And I’m like, “Hey, how are you?”
Megan: And then eventually, they’re like, “I wanted to come up but I didn’t know if I should.” Yeah.
Greg: And it’s so funny, because I’ll get messages on Instagram, like a day later.
Megan: They’re like, “I saw you.”
Greg: “I saw you.” And I’m like, “You should have said something. That would have been so awesome.”
Dr. Franco: That’s so great that you guys are willing to do that. Because I think and you guys probably realize this and why you do it, what a big difference you make in somebody’s day. Like, you have just made their day, that 30 seconds of taking a picture with them, and they are so happy about it.
Man: And you don’t know how that could change that person’s day, that person’s week, that person’s life. You talked to somebody at Firehouse Subs, and now you’re on the radio. That’s wild.
Megan: It’s incredible.
Greg: I know. Oh my gosh. And I never, in a million years, thought that this would be my career. Because I was going to school for business management. I mean I feel like I just tell people what to do. Let me just do that.
Dr. Franco: We do a segment we call Behind the Boby [SP] here. So we typically talk about a little something that people don’t know about in either in surgery or with fillers or something. Can we switch it up a little bit and do behind the mic? And maybe you tell us something that happens on the radio, behind the scenes, that nobody would know about? I think that would be kinda cool.
Greg: Let me see if I can think of something.
Dr. Franco: Or do you guys not hide anything?
Greg: No, actually we don’t really hide anything. We’re completely real. It’s so funny. If we’re having an argument, Billy makes sure it’s on air. He calls it a team meeting or a family meeting. So we just dish it all out. We’re 100% real.
Dr. Franco: And for people listening, the name of your show is…
Greg: “The Billy the Kid Show,” on 96.7 KISS FM.
Travis:: I’ve wondered, do you guys have any agenda when you’re going into a show? Do you have anything written down or mapped out at all that you have to talk about?
Greg: A lot of times… Billy is so awesome when it comes to radio. He’s a radio genius. I tell people that all the time. I have never in a million worked with somebody that can just make it happen. He’s so awesome when it comes to radio. And sometimes he doesn’t wanna tell us what he’s talking about, because he wants a natural reaction. So he knows what the show is gonna be about. And he wants our natural reaction. So we don’t know. I bring to the table, my blessed of the day. Which can be good or bad.
Dr. Franco: What’s the blessed? Just for people that don’t listen to the show.
Greg: Oh, well basically…
Dr. Franco: You mean all like two people in Austin? For those two people, what’s the blessed?
Greg: My blessed can be… So basically I said that all the time. You know, it could be blessed. That’s a good. Or, blessed. So every day is different. I try to do a personal blessed or things I see all over the internet and I need to bless that, you know, kinda thing. So it’s a fun segment. We do it every day. So that’s what I bring to the table. And yeah.
Dr. Franco: That’s awesome. It’s a great show. I personally listened to it on the way. If you guys don’t listen, you should.
Greg: We’re real.
Dr. Franco: It’s real.
Greg: It’s 100% real. We don’t really have anything behind the scenes that we’ll hide from you, because we like to put it all out there. Like, you know all about our life, basically. There’s no secrets.
Dr. Franco: That’s how I know that you’re an eligible bachelor and single and hiding it, because people were moving in on your territory.
Greg: Yeah, I mean last week, I got rejected for a date. And I was like, you know what? I’m gonna talk about it. Whatever. It happens. I mean, oh my God, it is so funny because I ran into him last night at a bar. And he came up to me and I was like, “I’m glad I could give you some radio content.” I’m like, “Sorry. That’s my job.”
Dr. Franco: You’re like, “Hey, don’t be doing things you’re ashamed of.”
Greg: I was like, “At least I didn’t say your name.” Right?
Man: Exactly.
Greg: That’s fine.
Dr. Franco: Let’s do a little something. Quote of the day. So I don’t really know where quote of the day is gonna go here. The gauntlet got thrown down at the last podcast because Gilberto took over, a few people voted in that it was the best quote we’ve ever had. I feel like Travis: now feels a little pressure. And maybe we’ll give you the opportunity to bring the thunder. Okay.
Travis:: Because of Gossip Greg’s story, I was inspired just now. And I like this one from H. Jackson Brown. “Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.”
Dr. Franco: Wow, that’s a good one.
Man: That is a good one.
Dr. Franco: Can you give us an example? In your life?
Travis:: In my life. Oh, man, I should have thought about myself. Missing an opportunity.
Dr. Franco: Or maybe where you didn’t miss an opportunity.
Travis:: Not missing an opportunity, taking a chance on a job in Arizona afforded me the practice that I’m in now. And my relationships with a bunch of surgeons here in town. That was all because I took a huge chance on a job in Arizona.
Dr. Franco: Wow. Anybody else wanna share something that relates to this quote of an opportunity or a chance they took in their life?
Megan: I mean not entirely specific, but I think I’m kind of an overthinker, and I’m also kind of shy. So oftentimes when I get invited to go to events or certain things, I think about it and I really internalize if I should go or not. And I’ve realized every time do, I end up having a good time, meeting someone important, having a connection there, and just realizing that every opportunity that you take, even when you’re kind of nervous about it, ends up being a good thing.
Dr. Franco: I think sometimes it’s hard to take a leap of faith. But I mean I feel like this podcast was a big adventure that we decided move on, and I feel like we’ve been super fortunate that we’ve had such celebrity guests come and join us. And so that’s been amazing. Gilberto, a chance to respond? Is this a good quote? Not quote? Where’s the quote-off at right now?
Gilberto: It was good. I liked it, yeah. Well done.
Man: That didn’t sound very sincere.
[crosstalk 00:47:51]
Dr. Franco: That didn’t sound very sincere. You’re like, it was all right. It was all right.
Gilberto: Wait till next podcast.
Dr. Franco: I just wanna say I appreciate all of you guys. I thought this was pretty informative. This was on a very hot topic in plastic surgery. I can’t thank Gossip Greg enough for joining us.
Greg: Oh my gosh. This was so fun. Thank you for inviting me.
Dr. Franco: Like we said earlier, you can definitely hear him every Monday through Friday on “96.7 KISS FM,” between 6:00 and 10:00?
Greg: 6:00 and 10:00, yeah.
Dr. Franco: And so listen to his blessed segments. It sounds people’s favorite portion of the show.
Greg: Oh it’s so much fun. It’s a hot mess. The whole show.
Dr. Franco: But I feel like it being real and a hot mess is why people can relate to it. They’re like, “This is our life.”
Greg: Yeah, for sure.
Dr. Franco: I feel like it’s my life.
Greg: I’m glad that you could join us every day.
Dr. Franco: Well stay tuned. We definitely got more exciting segments coming up. I also wanted to encourage you guys, download our podcast, Plastic Surgery Untold, anywhere where you get your favorite podcast on iTunes. Also I wanted to thank producer, Tall Gamer Donald for putting this together, keeping us on task here. And so don’t forget, Plastic Surgery Untold. Number one podcast as voted by Gilberto, the former most eligible bachelor in Austin. Boom, boom, boom, crown passed over.
Greg: Thank you.
Dr. Franco: I love it.

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