Episode 2: Frozen Fetish or Fabulous Features?

Special Guest: Megan Parken

Johnny: Welcome back, team, to Episode number 2 of “Plastic Surgery Untold, Beyond Botox and Butts.” Today, we’re talking frozen fetish or fabulous features, all about Botox and today we’re actually gonna have a special guest that we’re gonna get to in just a minute. But before we do that, I want to check in on our two incredible co-hosts, certified registered nurse anesthetist, Travis Osborne, also, known worldwide as Celebrity Anesthesia, and, of course, Megan Parken who needs no introduction. Social influencer extraordinaire and relationship blogger.

Megan: That’s right.

Johnny: Well, catch me up. What’s been going on in your guys’ [SP] lives? I know it’s been a little while since we did our last cast but what’s new? What’s going on?

Travis: Not a whole lot, you know. My wife is…

Johnny: That’s not true.

Travis: All right. I lied. A lot. It’s always a lot.

Johnny: Just so you guys know this is… to get the two of them in town on the same weekend is like moving mountains. So, thank you, the world appreciates it.

Travis: Well, thanks for having us as always, but yeah, we’re out of town quite a bit. Megan’s got a busy schedule too…

Megan: Definitely.

Travis: …but my wife has, as everybody probably knows, she’s got her own…

Johnny: Your… @yourtrendytherapist.

Travis: @yourtrendytherapist… go on.

Johnny: True or not, your wife and Megan are a little bit of Nemesis? Because I know they have the same realm in…

Megan: Definitely false.

Travis: Not nemesis.

Johnny: Not at all?

Megan: No.

Travis: They’re just in the same space.

Johnny: It’s like it’s a healthy competition would you say?

Travis: No. No, no, no. It’s all friendly competition. She, my wife has a fashion blog that she runs on the side and aside from her normal occupational therapy job, and yeah, so…

Megan: So did she dress you today?

Travis: She may have had a hand in dressing me today.

Megan: She did a nice job. Good job.

Travis: Thank you.

Johnny: I didn’t want to, like, tell on ourselves but…

Megan: Did she dress all of you?

Johnny: Well, she actually took us shopping.

Travis: She took us shopping.

Megan: Okay.

Johnny: And but which seemed like good in theory, but about seven minutes into this, she was gone and we had to find her in the women’s shoe section. She had forgotten about it. She was like, “Peace out, boys.”

Travis: Me and Franco are ever like looking at suit jackets and like, “Where’s Mary?” I get a text. I look at my phone. “I found these new Gucci boots that I want.” I’m like, “Well, there we go. There went our personal shopper.” But yeah, so last week, we got invited to this event or she did. I always get invited by proxy. And we go out and it was this event for this venture capital company that’s invested in all these small eCommerce businesses that they’re trying to grow. So we’re at this mansion, they’ve got all these little areas set up and people are showcasing their products and we’re meeting some of the founders and stuff. And this lady, as part of one of the displays, is sewing…actually, I’m not even going to tell you, I’m gonna have you open it up. I brought you…

Johnny: A gift?

Travis: Brought you a little gift.

Johnny: For me?

Travis: For you.

Megan: Oh, wow.

Johnny: You guys know I love gifts.

Travis: I do know you like gifts.

Johnny: I may or may not, on Instagram, have put our office address for my birthday and said, “Please send gifts here.”

Travis: So for those of you who are listening to this and not seeing it, he is Mr. Handkerchief/pocket square and…

Johnny: The BBL king.

Travis: Yeah.

Johnny: You know what I’m gonna do right now? Boom let’s do… what?

Megan: And for those of…

Travis: Pop it in.

Megan: …those of you that don’t know, what does the BBL King refer to?

Johnny: Well I’m up to just put king out for now so we can zoom in on this, but BBL stands for Brazilian Butt Lift and, I mean, that may or may not be our next episode but I appreciate the plug but BBL stands for Brazilian Butt Lift which is the total body shaping and butt. So yeah, some people do refer to me as the BBL King, I’m not gonna not say that’s not true, but yeah. Well, thank you. I appreciate it.

Travis: You’re welcome. When I saw her sewing, she was sewing, everybody’s live and I was like, “Oh my gosh. This is gonna be perfect.” And me and Mary were like. “Franco is gonna love that.” So yeah.

Johnny: You kept this little nugget to yourself. I appreciate it.

Travis: I can’t give all my secrets away.

Johnny: Megan what’s going on with you?

Megan: Well, so I’ve been back in Austin for a little bit, which is nice.

Johnny: Austin thanks you.

Megan: I’ve been curating my vintage denim line and also doing some sewing alterations as well so it’s funny that you mentioned that but, yeah.

Johnny: So tell me a little bit about vintage denim. I mean, so the jeans that I’ve worn for the last 15 years, I’m just, I’m back in style now or what’s going on?

Megan: Probably, yeah. I mean vintage is technically anything that’s older than 20 years, and if you are aware, everything, at least in women’s fashion, does come back around, even with luxury purses and stuff things from, like, the ’80s are now what everyone wants to buy. So with the vintage denim, honestly, if it’s from like the ’60s or ’70s, it’s worth, like, way more money.

Travis: Dude, you are worth so much money.

Johnny: Dude, I’m coming back. I’m coming back. Speaking of vintage, can we get to our celebrity guest because I feel like the people can’t wait any longer.

Megan: Let’s do it.

Travis: I think we should.

Johnny: I’d like to introduce one Gilberto Saenz, celebrity physician’s assistant, please come in and join us. We’re excited to have you. I know that we had a ton of applications, a ton of people reach out to us. The three of us sifted through this for a long time and there’s just one name that kept coming to the top of the list. It was you.

Gilberto: Thank you, guys. No, thank you. I really appreciate it. It’s a true privilege to be the first guest on “Plastic Surgery Untold.” So I really appreciate y’all having me.

Travis: Welcome to the podcast.

Johnny: And you fit perfectly because today we’re gonna talk all about Botox and, you know, correct me if I’m wrong, but injectables in cosmetic dermatology is really a passion and specialty of yours.

Gilberto: Absolutely. Yeah. I’ve been in practice for a little over 17 years, of which the last 13 have been in dermatology and all things skin.

Johnny: For those of you that are watching on YouTube, he’s actually about 75. He just… there’s a lot of Botox in that face.

Gilberto: I’m very vintage.

Johnny: You are very vintage. At his age, he’d be worth a lot.

Megan: Maybe. Maybe so. So it’s, kind of, my job to grill you guys on relationships and, kind of, maybe bring a little bit of advice to this. So I’ve heard that you’re single. Are you on apps? Are you dating? What’s going on?

Gilberto: So I’ve done the apps before. They’re really interesting.

Megan: Which apps?

Johnny: Grindr?

Gilberto: Not necessarily.

Johnny: Tinder? Bumble?

Gilberto: Tinder, Bumble.

Johnny: The League?

Gilberto: The League, Hinge. I gave them a try.

Travis: I am so lost. I don’t even [crosstalk 00:06:03.064].

Johnny: That’s a lot.

Megan: A lot.

Johnny: That’s a lot of apps.

Megan: Do you ever encounter the same women on all of the apps?

Gilberto: I’ve got stories.

Megan: If you’re on all of them and like…

Travis: Give us one.

Johnny: Can we get a story? Can we get a story?

Megan: Yeah.

Travis: A quick one.

Gilberto: One story real quick. I was out with some friends and one of them brought…it wasn’t a personal story, but it’s, kind of, interesting because it does apply to me. We were all out and this one guy brought a girl with him. They were on a Tinder date. She and I had matched on the app…

Johnny: Awkward.

Gilberto: …and two of the other guys had also like …

Johnny: What?

Megan: So she was like a very active Tinder.

Gilberto: She’s a very active Tinder.

Johnny: So what did you guys do?

Gilberto: It was very awkward.

Johnny: Did you say?

Gilberto: Well, it was…

Megan: Did anyone address it or you just, kind of…

Gilberto: No. We all, kind of, kept it quiet but I think she, kind of, made the connection after like a minute.

Johnny: So she didn’t even recognize you right off the bat.

Gilberto: No.

Johnny: That’s not good.

Travis: He was off of pressure on the Botox.

Gilberto: I was a bit, yeah.

Megan: I’m curious, from a guy’s point of view, and you both can answer this, what’s one thing a girl could do on a date that’s like a red flag? Like something that’s like, you know, like…

Johnny: I mean, stage 5 clinger? I mean, like…

Megan: On a first date?

Johnny: Yeah.

Megan: How are you gonna know that?

Johnny: If they want to hold hands, if they want to like, you know, if they start asking you about like, you know, the arm wrap thing, like that’s, kind of, weird on a first date.

Megan: Really?

Johnny: Yeah. Or if they just, like, they don’t want the date to end. They just want to, like, hang out and hang out and you’re like, “Hey, it’s past my bedtime. I gotta go,” you know, “I gotta get ready for surgery.” I mean, that’s, kind of, a red flag.

Travis: Some of us have to be out before 10:00.

Megan: So you want someone to go on a date with you and they have to, kind of, play it cool. Act like a little hard to get.

Johnny: Yeah. I mean, like 15, 20 minutes let’s move on. Gotta keep it going. Gotta be efficient.

Travis: Oh, man!

Gilberto: Fifteen, 20-minute dates?

Johnny: Yeah, like to the point, let’s go. Cliff knows we got stuff to do. I gotta be in bed by 9:00. That way I can get up by 4:30 to respond to Megan’s texts before she goes to bed.

Gilberto: I heard about this. I heard about this.

Megan: Right. Our schedules are a little off. I’m a night owl. You have to wake up early, do all of your work.

Johnny: For those of you that haven’t listened to Episode 1, shame on you. But to the hours between 4 and 6 are when we communicate as a team because…

Travis: 4 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Megan: Just so we’re clear.

Travis: Just so people understand.

Johnny: The two of us start our days a little bit earlier.

Travis: We have a slightly different life than Megan does.

Johnny: And I would say producer Donald is somewhere in the middle because he’s a little bit of a night owl too.

Travis: Oh, yeah.

Megan: Oh, yeah.

Johnny: Tell us, is there any advice you would give to someone who’s a…?

Megan: He didn’t give me the red flag on a first date.

Johnny: Oh, that’s right. Don’t weasel out of this.

Gilberto: No, no, no. I let you take the lead.

Megan: I think Garry’s distracted everyone. We were all taken back a bit by that.

Gilberto: Red flag. I would say just, kind of, just not being interested, you know, like you go out on a date, you’re making an effort to like meet someone.

Megan: So like the chemistry just maybe isn’t there or…

Gilberto: They’re like checking their phone every five minutes.

Megan: Okay. That’s rude.

Gilberto: Yeah.

Johnny: Especially if they’re checking their apps. Because if they’re on Bumble while you’re on a Bumble date, I feel like that’s a turnoff.

Gilberto: Absolutely. Yeah. I mean…

Johnny: The other turnoff for me is when people are talking about their exes. You know, like, I don’t think a first date is the time to talk about ex stuff.

Megan: Right. So, Johnny, you are also single as well. So would you ever go on a date with someone that he went on a date with?

Johnny: I honestly…

Megan: Like what’s the bro code on that? I’m curious.

Travis: What’s the bro code.

Johnny: Well, I mean… So I think there’s a couple of points to that. One, I feel like if I exclude all the women who Gilbert have dated, then I’d have to go to Waco to date and, you know, that’s gonna be tough if I gotta be in bed by 9. So I would say the bro code is if people went on one date and that’s it, I think that it’s still free game. But I usually would give a shout out and be like, “Hey, man, what’s the deal?” Just to clarify. So I think one date is still free game. I think if people have gone more than that, then you gotta get the, “Okay.”

Megan: Mm-hmm.

Gilberto: I agree.

Johnny: What about you? Are you single, married, taken, complicated?

Megan: I’m keeping mum on the topic.

Johnny: You’re what?

Megan: I’m keeping mum on the topic.

Johnny: So would you say complicated?

Megan: Yeah, probably. I don’t know. I don’t really, like, date necessarily, like in my head, we’re already in a relationship in my mind. Like, if that makes sense. Like I find…

Johnny: Wait, so you are in a relationship or you’re not?

Megan: Well, I’m not sure if he thinks that but I think that. So like, I don’t know. Like, I just don’t like…

Johnny: Oh, this sounds complicated.

Travis: This just got juicy.

Johnny: This sounds good. This sounds good.

Megan: I just don’t, like, date a bunch of guys at the same time, like I focus on one person, you know?

Travis: That’s fair. Is he doing the same?

Megan: Even if maybe we’re not exclusively in a relationship?

Johnny: Did you make… Did you have the conversation already? Are we a couple?

Megan: No.

Gilberto: Have you had the so [SP]?

Megan: I mean, he knows. I know, but I’m also working, I’m traveling, like, I’m not in a rush at all so, yeah.

Johnny: Okay. It sounds like you said nothing over that time, but that was a good answer, appreciate it.
On that note, why don’t we get into our topic here, a little bit of Botox here. And so, Botox is one of the most popular procedures in aesthetics, you know. We talked about breast implants last time, which is the most popular surgery. Botox is the most popular in-office procedure for 1,000 reasons. I’m going to give you just a little bit of CliffNotes about Botox and then we’re going to get into all the fun stuff and Gilberto will give us some of the quality ins and outs.
Botox, so people know when they come in, is basically used to help fine lines. And basically it’s used for lines where people get with animation, with movement, those type of things. The old rule of thumb used to be the upper third of the face was Botox, the lower two-thirds was fillers. And that’s not necessarily true, especially for experts such as Gilberto and so forth. But any lines that you get with movement are typically lines that are gonna be treated with Botox.
One of the things that’s made Botox so popular is that it’s an office procedure. You come in, you get it done on your lunch hour, you can be back to work, you can be back to your YouTubing, whatever it would be. The other, kind of, really cool thing is it doesn’t actually take effect that day so it slowly kicks in over the next week or two, which makes stuff a little bit less noticeable. The other thing is that it can be done for all ages because you can give a brow lift, you can do different things so there’s all sorts of different reasons that we use it. Gilberto…

Megan: And just to be transparent here, who has actually had Botox?

Johnny: I actually Botoxed myself.

Gilberto: I do the same.

Megan: So Travis is the only one that…

Travis: I’m the only Botox non-user.

Johnny: But you spend a lot of money on Botox because your wife gets Botoxed.

Travis: My wife gets it. Yeah. So then I get firsthand, I get to see it. I get to see it starting to work, I get to see it all. And then I can’t tell when she’s mad at me.

Johnny: Which may be one of the best things. Are you mad? Are you happy? I can’t tell.

Travis: I can’t tell.

Johnny: But that’s probably a great topic, is it? I think a lot of people with Botox who’ve never had it are worried that they’re gonna look overly frozen, overly fake. And thoughts on that big concern?

Gilberto: So yeah, I think that that was something that was pretty common previously, but you know, as things have changed and evolved, different techniques have been brought into place where maybe you’re not using quite as much product or different dilutions that maybe, you know, give you more of a subtle outcome.

Johnny: But if Megan said, “I don’t want any movement because I don’t want my makeup to go into my lines at all,” could you do that?

Gilberto: We can do that too. Honestly, it’s just a matter of…

Megan: It’s all personal preference.

Gilberto: It’s personal preference, it’s getting to know the patient, talking to them, having a good consultation with them, and just, kind of, defining their goals.

Megan: And would you say there’s any age that people should start or what, I mean, how does that work?

Gilberto: That’s a little difficult to define. I will say that a majority of my patients that come in for their Botox first time, are you know, well into their 20s and older. I don’t think that there’s a bad age to get started. I would certainly, for cosmetic purposes, not do Botox on anyone younger than 18 years old.

Megan: Right.

Johnny: Have any of you had terms… I’ve had two terms, and I think we disagreed on what the term of one of them is Baby Botox, and then I’ve also heard of Preventative Botox that we get into our office a lot and I think those are two good topics. The other thing that I think is hard for people on those terms is there’s a lot of terms out there in social media, physicians and other providers I think are bad about making up terms, which make it super confusing, i.e., this podcast is here and as well. But tell me a little bit about Baby Botox, Preventative Botox, what they mean to you and maybe we can hash some of this out?

Gilberto: Sure. So to me Baby Botox or Preventative Botox, prejuvenation is another term that’s, kind of, been thrown around…

Johnny: Well, that’s a good one.

Gilberto: …is just smaller amounts or more concentrated Botox injections to specific points so that there’s not so much diffusion of the Botox that can potentially give you that frozen look that everybody dreads.

Johnny: I mean, would you consider Megan in the Baby Botox range or is she…

Megan: He hasn’t personally treated me.

Johnny: Is she full out blown like needed?

Gilberto: No, no. Megan’s great. Megan’s beautiful.

Johnny: Well, she doesn’t even need it.

Gilberto: No, I mean, not as…

Johnny: She does need it?

Gilberto: No, she doesn’t.

Megan: No. And for me, something interesting for me to touch on also is, you know, back in the day, back in high school, I actually was a tanning bed user, which is really bad. And so for me, I just noticed a little bit of lines on my head and mainly with makeup and that was, kind of, a thing that would bother me a little bit. And just a tiny bit of Botox in my forehead was able to smooth that out and then, you know, I’m someone that often applies a lot of makeup so it just made it look nicer.

Travis: And that’s something that Mary’s alluded to too. My wife said the same thing, you know, “It’s not about freezing my face. It’s about just relaxing a couple of lines on my forehead and my makeup looks better, everything just sits a little better.”

Megan: Right. I think it’s super common.

Travis: Absolutely.

Johnny: And it used to be the Botox was just used to get rid of lines, but I’m actually getting people who come in and want to do like a brow lift, other things. So I think there’s a lot of other…lip flips, I think a lot of cool things you can do with Botox now.

Gilberto: Absolutely, a lot of different cosmetic applications for it. You know, in the right hands with the right injector, there’s a lot of different techniques and advanced things that can be done outside of just, you know, softening up your elevens or the forehead lines or your crow’s feet, which, you know, is the most common areas that are treated.

Travis: But I think that that just plays into finding the right provider, right. And finding somebody that has that experience knows what they’re doing. You’re not just going to the van down by the river that’s giving you the, you know, 90,000 units of Botox for $12, kind of, special because if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

Gilberto: Without a doubt.

Johnny: We all have probably have Groupons in our email right now for Botox, for filler, for other things. And, you know, how do you address this when people say, “Hey, I got a Groupon for, you know, 100 units of Botox for $2.” I mean, what do you say to that?

Gilberto: I ask him, “Well,” you know, “Do you know who’s injecting you?” You know, “Are you familiar with their level of expertise?” You know, “How long have they been doing it?” You know, because there’s a lot of people out there that can inject, but there are not a lot of people out there that are good injectors.

Johnny: That’s a great statement, a great statement.

Megan: I think also a statement that could apply to both your dating life and Botox, “If it’s too good to be true,” Maybe feel the other way, right?

Johnny: Wait, wait, but are you saying that we are too good to be true…

Megan: Just if anything is too good. I mean…

Johnny: …or the ladies are so lucky to be able to date two good-looking men like us?

Megan: You can interpret that however you please.

Travis: We’re in the Spin Zone. Franco has spun it exactly how he wants to with that one.

Johnny: But I think, to your point about knowing what’s too good to be true, you also don’t know when stuff’s too good to be true, you know, whether you’re actually even getting Botox or that injected because, you know, most of the time, they come in, they have a syringe, you don’t even know what’s being injected in.

Megan: That’s a little scary, especially on your face.

Johnny: I think it’s super scary because for you and me, I don’t think Botox is necessarily that hard to inject but treating a problem caused from a non-injector and getting stuff, that becomes extremely, extremely difficult.

Gilberto: Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, complications with Botox in particular and neuromodulators are rare, but they can happen. And, you know, if you are going to someone who’s not medically trained, you could be getting yourself into a lot of trouble. So you want to be seeing someone who can manage these complications.

Johnny: And we’ve been using the term Botox throughout this show, but I know you’re on some advisory panels and some other things, but it’s not the only product out there. It used to be, it was number one, and that’s why people used it. But now people have options and more options in the horizons?

Gilberto: And more options on the horizons. Lots of really great things coming out in the future, maybe we can talk about in a future podcast.

Johnny: Do you want to just, so people know, can you tell us some names of other products out there that people may be familiar or may be getting and maybe why people to get one versus the other?

Gilberto: Sure. So Botox is the, kind of, catch-all phrase, the most commonly known neuromodulator but there are other products such as Dysport, Xeomin, and a more recent one that recently came out is called Jeuveau.

Johnny: And they’ve also called themselves Newtox.

Gilberto: They also coined their name as Newtox. They’re all great products, without a doubt. They all have, you know, their own special qualities. Some may, you know, take effect a little bit faster than others, some may last a little longer than others. And so really, it’s just a matter of trying to, you know, define what is best for your patient.

Johnny: I tell a lot of my patients, it’s like Coke or Pepsi, you know, and what works…and we still don’t have a good way to know which one’s gonna work best on stuff. So sometimes if people come in and they’re like, “Hey, I’m super happy. I’ve been getting this product,” we’ll keep doing it. If you come and say, “Hey, I’m not quite getting three months out of it,” sometimes we’ll try another product just to see where it gets them.

Gilberto: Absolutely, yeah. No. That’s a good point.

Travis: Do you…

Johnny: No, no. Please go ahead, please go ahead.

Travis: I haven’t had it. So I’m, you know, eager to actually do that.

Johnny: We’re gonna have to change this. Maybe this something we’ll do a little live, do a little Instagram and so hopefully, by one of our future podcasts we’ll check back in.

Travis: So do people come in with pictures of this is what I want to look like, this is a celebrity or this is an Instagram personality that I follow. This is someone that, you know, I want my brown line to look like this. I want my cheeks to look like this. Do you typically get that or?

Johnny: I get that more with surgery and with, like, lip fillers, not as much with Botox. Gilbert?

Gilberto: Yeah, I agree more with the dermal fillers than the neuromodulators, neurotoxins.

Johnny: But I do think social media selfies, those type of things has made more people come in because I think they recognize these lines a little bit more than maybe in the past.

Megan: Yeah. I think there’s been a direct correlation between people taking a lot of photos of themselves, and social media, and then also Botox and how it can, kind of, improve those things and maybe not change it, but just make it look a little nicer.

Travis: Do you think part of that has to do with the filters and the way that it smoothes the face.

Megan: Oh, definitely. I think people can see maybe what they would look like if they just didn’t have a little bit of lines or something was a little lifted, and then I think maybe they could even bring in their own photo and say, “Hey, this is me when, you know, I’m looking my best. Is this possible to achieve with Botox?”

Gilberto: Yeah. And that’s actually a great point. I mean, there’s no doubt that social media is a juggernaut in the aesthetic world. And, you know, people bringing in filtered photos of themselves, kind of, showing what it is that they’re trying to achieve, makes things a whole lot easier for us, you know, in terms of planning what we’re gonna do for them.

Johnny: And for someone like Megan, before she goes on one of her first dates with her complicated boyfriend here, how long before the complicated date should she get her Botox? Is there something she can do the morning of and be ready that for a spur of the moment date or is this something that she’s got to plan out a little bit?

Gilberto: I would probably plan it out a little bit. Usually, I tell most of my patients that four to seven days is pretty average for these products to, you know, take effect, but two weeks will give you the full outcome of what you’re expecting.

Megan: And I think back to Travis’ point earlier, I think I like my date to know when I’m mad, so I think I want to still have that expression.

Gilberto: It’s all about the [inaudible 00:21:16]

Travis: You want to be able to furrow the brow a little bit.

Johnny: Well, it wouldn’t be complicated if she wasn’t mad now and then, right? I mean.
The other thing too is bruising, you know. Bruising isn’t common with Botox but, you know, and not just for dating and those type of things but we also have people for weddings, special event stuff. I think you would agree that the more time you can give, the better. And the other thing I tell people with Botox is you’re actually gonna look better two months out than you do two weeks because it affects the lines from motion. I tell people it’s like folding a piece of paper 1,000 times. The longer you get that to smooth out, the better you’re gonna look. So just plan this out it.
What are your thoughts too, because I too tell people, “If you’re gonna do this for a big event like a wedding, the first time you do it shouldn’t be for that event.”

Gilberto: So I mean, I get patients coming in for all different reasons wanting to get, you know, their neuromodulators, big events like weddings and family functions are one of them. I will tell them, just, you know, “Let’s plan ahead.” I wouldn’t necessarily dissuade them from getting it done for an event, but I would just say, let’s do it, you know, with enough time.

Megan: And is Botox something easily someone could come in, get a little bit, maybe if they haven’t done it before, and then come back in a little bit more and say, “You know, I’m still having some movement here. I’m still maybe wanting to be a bit more smooth.” Is it something that you can, kind of, like feel it out? Because obviously, if you’re used to having a lot of movement to just nothing, maybe that’s a little severe at first.

Gilberto: Yeah, my whole philosophy is let’s, kind of, just dip your toe in the water. Let’s do a little bit and see how you like it. I can bring you back in a couple of weeks and if you feel you want some more product, we’ll inject you with more.

Megan: And I think that’s also one of the incredible parts about it. It can look really natural and maybe someone just thinks, “Wow, you just have a really nice-looking face.” We don’t necessarily know that you had Botox or anything.

Travis: And I think what’s cool about what both of y’all do on a daily basis is it’s a little bit art, it’s a little bit science and you guys, kind of, marry the two. And with Botox and smoothing people’s faces out and, “Hey, I’m lacking a little bit of animation here,” “I have too much animation here,” “Can you help me smooth that out?” That’s something that you can work through together.

Johnny: It’s so funny that you say that because people ask me why did I get into plastic surgery because it’s one of the few surgery fields where everybody can treat stuff differently. And this is, again, to finding the right provider because there’s…in Austin, I think people are very lucky. There’s actually a tremendous amount of really good providers here. But it’s someone who matches what you feel like because one of the cool things is you may come see me and I’ll give you one recommendation. You may go see Gilbert, and he may give you a completely different recommendation. Neither is right or wrong, but it’s, kind of, a style, it’s a taste. And again, trying to get the person who’s taking care of you to understand what you’re trying to get to.

Megan: So guys, I think it might be time to jump into Fact or Fiction.

Johnny: This is actually one of my favorite segments. Typically, we question each other but when we have a celebrity guest, I feel like we’re obligated that people want us to do fact or fiction with our guests. Megan, you want to kick us off?

Megan: No, that’s too much pressure for me.

Johnny: Fine. I’ll kick it off. Fact or fiction, you were once voted Austin’s most eligible bachelor.

Gilberto: Fiction to my knowledge.

Johnny: Okay. Sounds like a big maybe. Fact or fiction, you have shown cat videos on dates before.

Gilberto: That’s a fact. I’ve got one.

Megan: How do women react to that though?

Gilberto: It’s mixed, I’ll be honest.

Johnny: I thought that cat videos were in and that’s like…

Travis: Is that how you know to cut them? Just right there. Oh, not into cat videos.

Gilberto: You mentioned red flags earlier, yeah. If they don’t like…

Megan: Do you have a cat at home?

Gilberto: No.

Megan: Okay.

Johnny: But is it…

Megan: Then it might be a red flag.

Johnny: But is it fact or fiction you switch to cat videos from showing them CNN and Fox with a little picture and picture because you used to go to a news video.

Gilberto: That’s a fact.

Johnny: Okay. I mean, would you say, as a relationship expert, that the cat videos are better than watching the news on a hot date?

Megan: I’m confused, honestly.

Gilberto: None of this has happened.

Travis: Wouldn’t have been my go-to.

Gilberto: None of this has happened but…

Travis: I’m out of the dating world at this point. I do have a fact or fiction. Fact or fiction, you are an actor.

Gilberto: Fact. I have done some stuff before.

Travis: Anything noteworthy, or it’s all noteworthy?

Gilberto: It’s been a while but probably the biggest project I worked on was a commercial during the Super Bowl…

Travis: Very cool.

Gilberto: …a couple of years back.

Johnny: Fact or fiction, we had a viewing party to watch you during the Super Bowl.

Gilberto: This is true. This is a fact.

Johnny: Damn.

Travis: Knocking it out today.

Johnny: That’s how you become a celebrity in… Ladies, that’s how you become the most eligible bachelor in Austin.

Gilberto: Well, not so proclaimed, but I’ll take it.

Johnny: Any other factor or fictions that we’d like to torture Gilbert with here?

Travis: I think that, kind of, wrapped it. I think that was pretty good.

Johnny: I feel like we’re pretty good there. Can we move to a little segment? We typically call it, Behind the Bovie [SP] and give people a little bit of an idea of behind surgery, but for just for today, if it’s okay with you guys, can we do a little segment called Behind the Botox and maybe give us a little something about Botox that people wouldn’t know or typically see.

Gilberto: Okay. Well, one thing that patients probably may not be aware of is that Botox actually comes in a freeze-dried state in the bottle that needs to be reconstituted or mixed with preservative-free saline solutions, sterile saline solution. So before we actually can inject Botox, we have to prepare it using this sterile saline solution.

Johnny: It’s, kind of, interesting because when you open the box and you get the vial, you actually feel like you’re gypped, because the bottle actually looks completely empty and the toxin is actually at the bottom and unless you get really close to it, it’s hard to even see anything.

Gilberto: Yeah. Because it’s like almost micronized powder. But yeah, it’s really, really neat.

Johnny: And this is, I think, where some people get confused in terms of units, other stuff and not to get us completely off tangent here, but how you constitute it really varies from practice, providers, from person to person. And there is some benefits to doing different dilutions.

Gilberto: Absolutely. It’s a preference issue but yes, there are benefits to using different dilution rates.

Johnny: And that’s what sometimes I think people get confused and, you know, it’s not like a filler where you get a cc of this or that because it can change a little bit depending on how you’re diluted. So this is where I think units comes from. And I know it’s confusing in a weird number, but it’s because of this.

Gilberto: Yeah, yeah. Because there’s different cosmetic applications that can be used. And in some instances, you might want something that’s a little more concentrated, a little bit more accurate. And in some cases, you want a little more diffusion where you’re going to get the product to, kind of, spread in a larger area.

Travis: Very cool.

Johnny: So as you guys know, we like to talk about plastic surgery. We like to talk to our guests a little bit, but we also like to be a little positive too. And so I think Celebrity Anesthesia has a quote of the day for us.

Travis: We got a little quote of the day this week. This week, we’re going back, Gandhi.

Megan: Oh, wow.

Johnny: That’s deep.

Travis: This one is one of me and Mary’s favorites, “You must be the change that you want to see in the world.” I like that because it really shows that everything starts with you. If you want to change things, if you want the world to be a more peaceful place, if you want people to be happier, that all starts with you. And you got to be that example, you’ve got to be the one that gets that into motion.

Johnny: What have you done to change the world?

Travis: Oh, man, besides putting up with you?

Johnny: Yeah.

Travis: I try to be as positive as possible. I’m definitely a realist and that’s been a struggle for me to be positive and upbeat. But I think trying to keep everybody focused and also move things forward in a positive way around the surgery center or in business, that, kind of stuff. Just trying to be a positive person.

Johnny: Megan, what have you done to change the world?

Megan: Man, I think on a similar note, I think I’ve really been trying to just be kind to everyone and just kind of, I don’t know, apply that to my life and to a bunch of situations.

Johnny: I thought your change for 2020 was gonna be to get up before 10 a.m. every day.

Megan: Well, yes, but I’ve accomplished that. I’m here before 10 a.m.

Travis: She woke up at 9:15 and then arrived by 9:45.

Johnny: Gilbert, what have you done to change the world?

Gilberto: You know, I’ve done some volunteering in the past. That’s, kind of, fallen out of favor just because my work schedule’s gotten a little bit busier but I’d like to, you know, start volunteering a little more in the community, especially in the new year.

Johnny: I feel like…

Megan: And what about you, John?

Johnny: Well, I feel like number one, Gilbert making himself available to all the single ladies in Austin has changed Austin, if nothing else. I think this podcast is what we’re doing to change the world because we’re trying to educate people and help people know about some different topics and help direct them because let’s be honest, the vast majority of people that listen to this podcast are gonna be around the world and hopefully, we’re just getting them to good providers. It’s going to help them, you know, achieve their aesthetic goals. So hopefully, people see this as a positive and we’re gonna keep doing this and I’m super excited. To, kind of, sum up the day’s stuff, you know, one, I think Botox is a great treatment that people have loved in the right hands. I think making sure people are doing it for the right reasons. Any take-home messages, Gilbert, that you’d like to give to all your fans?

Gilberto: Yeah, just a couple of things. One, I think it’s a great procedure, it’s a safe procedure. Two, the good news is it wears off, the bad news is it wears off.

Johnny: You’re welcome.

Gilberto: And three, you know, really, you know, I can’t stress this enough, just really get to know your injector, just, you know, know who’s doing the procedure on you.

Johnny: Any other thoughts before we wrap this up?

Travis: I think get to know your injector, know who’s doing it. Find somebody that you trust and that you feel like you can be completely yourself with.

Johnny: Megan?

Megan: I agree. And I think also just, you know, if it’s something that you want to do, then, you know, go ahead and make an appointment and see what the options are for you.

Johnny: I just want to give a shout out for our next episode. I mean, I feel like after this handkerchief of the BBL King, our next episode’s gotta be Brazilian Butt Lift. It’s been all the craze. Thank you Kim K., but we’re going to talk about butt augmentation, a little Brazilian butt lift. So stay tuned. It’ll be our next episode. I also want to thank everybody for listening. I want to thank producer Donald, you know, as always, without you we wouldn’t be here. I appreciate you keeping us in line and keeping this moving. Thank you, everyone. Appreciate it. Killed it.

Gilberto: Thank you, guys.

Travis: Boom.

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